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Around the House Aid Store

Everyone needs things around the house. From the kitchen to the bathroom to the bedroom and more, there are several daily living aids that help you get through some basic day-to-day activities.

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Batteries: Everyone uses batteries for everyday items. Popular items include flashlights, lamps and electronics, among other things. Regardless of the household item, batteries are a must-have in any household.

Bedroom Aids: You have trouble getting out of bed. Maybe you have difficulty falling asleep at night. Maybe you need to get some work done but are just about ready to get in bed, or you need to work from your bed. There are several bedroom aids available to help you get the most usability in, out or around the bed. A solid sleeping aid can help you get to sleep faster while remaining asleep longer. A bed rail can help you get to a sitting position after a good night's rest while a grab bar will help you stand from a sitting position.

Kitchen Aids: Usable around-the-kitchen items could include something as simple as a foot stool to a cap remover and more. A cap remover makes it much easier to open bottles with screw caps, making some tough-to-do tasks easier for you. If you have difficulty reaching items, a footstool will give you an extra couple inches to get to the top shelf.

Chair Furniture Aids: Chair furniture aids include anything from a couch cane to a furniture riser and more. These many, but simple, aids can literally help you get out of any sitting position but and also help make it easier to sit or lay down for a resting period.

Non-Skid Socks: You'll have multiple options of non-skid socks to choose from, each of which has some form of material on the soles of the sock to help you stay on your feet on a slick floor.

Electronics: Phones, radios, headsets and more can be found just about anywhere in a home nowadays. And with no shortage of electronics in today's world, older and newer styles are still available for anyone. Vitality Medical has both corded and cordless phones available for purchase. Many other items have large buttons, vibrate or have voice amplification features that will help you with your daily living experiences.

All of our Around the House Items are suitable for any home, anytime, and can be used on multiple occasions. No matter your choice, these will make perfect additions to your home.

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