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Flashing Light Doorbell For Hard of Hearing or Hearing Impaired

Hearing impaired doorbells typically have two key features: visual signaling like flashing or strobe lights and adjustable, extra-loud volume with a variety of tones. While visual doorbells are most often utilized by those with hearing impairment, they are not the only ones who can benefit from these devices. Mothers with infants or young children will appreciate the noiseless functionality of flashing or strobe light doorbells. Those who work at night and sleep during the day can also benefit. An extra loud doorbell for hearing impaired individuals is a great choice for those who have some hearing issues but are still able to hear certain volumes and tones as well as those who live or work in noisier areas.

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Flashing Light Doorbells for Hearing Impaired

When installing doorbells with visual cues (such as strobe light doorbells) for those with hearing loss, it's helpful to have a signaling device in numerous locations throughout the house. Ideally, strobe light doorbells should be placed in areas most frequented by the resident, such as the living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Some systems come with the ability to alert the owner by phone. Below are just a few of the extra loud wired doorbells, extra loud wireless doorbells, and visual alert doorbells available from Vitality Medical.


Strobe Light Doorbell

Strobe Light Doorbell HC-DOORSTROBE

Doorbell Strobe Signaler

  • Can Be Mounted to Wall or Ceiling
  • Ideal for Hotels, Dorms and Other Facilities
  • Fast and Easy Installation
  • Meets or Exceeds All ADA Guidelines
  • One Year Warranty

Extra Loud Wireless Doorbell

SquareGlow Home Kit - Doorbell and Phone for Hearing Impaired

SquareGlow HomeKit Bundle for Doorbells and Phones for Hard of Hearing

  • Features Seven Colors and 52 Ringtones
  • Flashing Lights Alerts for Phone Calls and Doorbell Notifications
  • Range Up to 600 Feet
  • Battery Operated
  • Volume Settings Up to 120 Decibels

Extra Loud Wired Doorbell

Amplified doorbells – Sonic Alert Doorbell Button

Sonic Alert Traditional System DB200 Deluxe Doorbell with Lamp Flash and Telephone Transmitter

  • Compatible With Most Home Intercom Systems
  • No Wiring Required - Operates on a 12V battery
  • Portable
  • Easily Connects to Telephone and Videophone
  • Connects to Lamp to Flash When There's an Incoming Call or Visitor at the Door
  • Chime Alert With Option to Turn Off

Be sure to check out Vitality Medical's selection of amplified phones and extra loud alarms for even more convenient solutions for hearing-impaired individuals.

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