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Lamps come in many shapes, sizes, intensities and uses. From standing lamps to desk lamps, angle lamps and more, there are several options available for anyone to use at any time, anywhere and for anything. Below is a quick guide on lamp types, usages, lighting choices and more.

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Available Lamp Types

Floor Lamps: Floor lamps take many shapes but are all characterized by having a large base that sits on the floor with long poles and an extension to adjust to any height necessary. These lamps are great for using above a sofa for reading, next to a table for crafts or in a general area for a better spot view.

Desk Lamps: Desk lamps offer an opportunity to work intimately within a confined space such as desks, coffee tables, nightstands and more. Some desk lamps have a glare control filter that eliminates glare, sharpens the reading material and gives greater contrast. Other desk lamps may include a separate bifocal lens, a flashlight or more adjustable viewing angles.

Lighting Choices

LED Lighting: Light-Emitting Diode lights are two-lead semiconductor light sources that offer as much light as a standard bulb while using up less wattage. Less watts means more energy saved; which is helpful through the darker months of the year. There are several color types including blue and white; however white is the most common for everyday use.

Standard Halogen Lights: Several desk or floor lamps are still able to use any light available, including standard halogen bulbs. These light bulbs offer the same illumination as any LED or therapy light, giving users an alternative way to utilize their lamp.

Other Lamps Uses

Desk lamps and floor lamps can be used under multiple conditions. Smaller lamps are considered table lamps because of their versatility as well. They can be used as set up lamps for hobbies, working on small items or for mechanical fixing. Floor lamps are great to use for sewing, knitting or any other crafting style hobby.

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