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Extra Loud Alarm Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

For some people, waking up using a regular alarm clock is simply ineffective. Individuals with hearing impairments and those who are very deep sleepers may benefit from wake-up alarms with special features, such as extra loud alarms, shaking mechanisms, and flashing lights. These super loud alarm clocks are excellent at waking the user up on time, but they have the capacity to do far more. Some alarms include features to alert individuals when there is smoke or carbon monoxide present in the home. These alarms allow users to sleep with the vital confidence that they will wake on time or in the event of an emergency. Vitality Medical features a wide range of extra loud alarm clocks and waking systems to suit every need.

Extreme Sounding Clocks for Heavy Sleepers

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Choosing a Loud Wake Up Clocks: Features To Know About

It's difficult to achieve a state of restfulness if there is anxiety about waking up on time, and having the confidence that an alarm clock will perform its appointed task is vital to a worry-free night of sleep. Extremely loud alarm clocks are helpful not only to heavy sleepers and those with hearing impairments, but also to individuals with sleep disorders, the elderly, or those who take medication that can make waking up difficult.

In some cases, simply having a louder alarm may be enough; however, many of the devices offer other wake-up features, such as bed shakers or flashing lights. Additionally, some of these waking devices can connect to CO2 monitors and smoke detectors or provide alerts for incoming phone calls and messages.


Extra-Loud Volume

Normal alarms reach volumes between 80-90 decibels, while extra loud alarm clocks like The Sonic Blast Super Loud Projection Alarm Clocks reach volumes exceeding 100 decibels — considerably louder than regular alarm clocks. Extra loud alarms are ideal for:

  • Those who have retained some of their hearing and just need a little extra volume in their wake-up routine
  • Deep sleepers, people who travel frequently, or anyone who experiences a disrupted sleep cycle
  • Anybody taking medications that make waking up difficult
  • Those who sleep in areas with louder-than-usual ambient noise


Bed Shakers and Vibrations

When a person is an exceptionally heavy sleeper or has difficulty hearing even loud noises, a bed shaker may be beneficial. These are small devices usually designed to be placed beneath the pillow. When activated, the device shakes, delivering a physical stimulus to wake the user. Some products, such as the Time Shaker 5Q Wow Alarm Clock, feature both a shaker and a very loud alarm. Bed shaking features are an ideal solution for individuals who:

  • Take medications that make it more difficult to wake up to sound alone
  • Cannot hear alarm tones due to hearing loss or deep sleep
  • Sleep in an environment with louder-than-average ambient noise
  • Don't want to disrupt the people they live with


Visual Alerts

In some cases, visual alerts such as flashing lights may be the best alarm option for the hearing impaired. Many extra loud alarm clocks come with a bright internal flasher or plug-in outlets that allow users to turn their lamps into flashing alerts. The Futuristic 2 Alarm Clock from DEAFWORKS is an example of this type of alarm clock with a built-in dimmable flasher. The Wake Assure Vibrating Alarm Clock by Clarity offers an alarm clock with a shaker, an extra-loud alarm, and a programmable plugin for a lamp. Alarm clocks with light flashing features are perfect for:

  • Those who have hearing loss or are completely deaf
  • Those who require multiple different waking options
  • Parents who don't want to wake up a sleeping infant
  • Individuals whose housemates would be disrupted by a loud alarm clock


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Warning Devices

Systems such as the Bellman & Symfon Smoke Detector and CO Alarm Clock Visit Safe Value Pack not only include an alarm clock with special wake-up features, but also have the capability to connect to the home's smoke and CO alarms so that the wake-up features will be activated in case of an emergency. People who might benefit from an integrated alert system with CO and smoke alarm features include:

  • Those who are deaf or hearing impaired and cannot rely on a sound-only smoke/CO alarm
  • Individuals who sleep so deeply that they require visual or physical alerts for safety issues


Can extended use of extra blaring sound devices cause hearing damage?

Extra-loud alarm clocks are loud but considered safe. While noises above 80 decibels have the potential to cause hearing problems, this hearing damage is generally a result of long-term exposure to exceedingly loud sounds rather than the short durations of sound produced by alarm clocks.


More Daily Living Aids for the Hearing Impaired

In addition to alarm clocks, Vitality Medical features many different products designed to improve the quality of life for those experiencing hearing impairment. These include:

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