Disinfectant Towelettes — CaviWipes, Metricide, Chloride Towelettes

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  1. Super Sani-Cloth Disinfectant Wipes
    great stuff.
    I use this to sanitize the toilet area and other germy surface. Since it's not meant for use on human, I use protective gloves to avoid direct contact with the
    (Review by PeachWillow)
  2. BD Isopropyl Alcohol Swabs
    Nurses' Friend..
    The usual thing that nurses like me do is injecting medicine to a patient. If you handle several patient wards in a shift, anything that can save time will be
    (Review by Nicole)
  3. CIDEX PLUS 28 Day Solution by Johnson & Johnson
    Cidex Plus 28 day solution review.
    If you need a fast-acting disinfectant, this is the only product for you. Disinfects really fast, without too much of the irritating smell. Best of all, it is approved by
    (Review by Andrew)
  4. 3M Avagard D Instant Hand Antiseptic with Moisturizers
    I bring this everywhere..
    I am a college student and I also work at a neighborhood cafe. From school, I go straight to my job. With little or not time to take a bath,
    (Review by Megan)

Disinfectant Towelettes — CaviWipes, Metricide, Chloride Towelettes & More!



Hospital Disinfectant and Household Disinfectants are used to clean and sanitize to promote a better and healthier environment. These disinfectants provide multi uses in home or clinical settings and include discounted CaviWipes, Benzalkonium chloride Towelettes, Sterilant, Dialdehyde, Metricide and other medical disinfectants manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, Metrex, Triad, Veridien and Maril.

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