Shoulder Braces, Supports & Immobilizers

How to Choose the Best Shoulder Brace

The number of shoulder braces for sale can make the selection process overwhelming. There are many variations of shoulder immobilizers to stabilize the shoulder and correct posture. Below you will find the style of shoulder supports explained to educate and inform shoppers to make the process easier, and most importantly get customers lined up with the proper brace to let the healing begin.

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  1. DonJoy UltraSling III
    DonJoy Global UltraSling III Shoulder Support Slings - Right or Left; All Sizes
    $125.17 - $133.88
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Shoulder Support Brace Options

  • Shoulder Posture Brace - is a brace with stays and a panel to keep the shoulders back like the Shoulder Brace Posture Control by FLA Orthopedics. A posture corrector is helpful for individuals with scoliosis or when the user experiences back and neck pain due to poor posture while sitting or working at a desk.
Posture Corrector Brace
  • Arm and Shoulder Immobilizer or Stabilizer - maintains the shoulder at a fixed position to decrease movement post-op or to treat a dislocated or injured shoulder or rotator cuff. Weak muscles surrounding the joint can cause pain and give a "clicking" sound when the arm is lifted, often caused by the tendon moving over the bone.

    A shoulder stabilizer brace keeps the joint firmly in place to encourage healing. The Medline Sling Style Shoulder Immobilizer wraps around the opposing shoulder to keep the arm nestled against the body. Another design option is the PROCARE Elastic Shoulder Immobilizer that keeps the shoulder fixed using a torso brace that holds in the elbow and wrist.



    Shoulder Immobilizer Brace
  • Shoulder Compression Brace - encourages blood flow to encourage healing. Increased blood circulation oxygenates the damaged tissues to reduce swelling and decrease pain. Neoprene material is often the material of choice because its stretchy properties naturally retains the body's heat to warm the tissue. Some have builtin pockets to insert hot or cold packs. A shoulder pain brace like the BioKnit Conductive Shoulder Brace connects with electrodes for electrical stimulation for healing and pain reduction.
  • Neoprene Shoulder Brace
  • Clavicle Brace - immobilizes the collarbone region if there has been a clavicle fracture or trauma to the surrounding tissues. The Ovation Clavicle Support wraps around both sides of the shoulders keeping the shoulders back for a supportive, stabilizing posture for the clavicle during the healing process.
  • Clavicle Brace


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Can shoulder braces be worn to bed?
    Yes, most doctors recommend a sling for support during sleep. It may be more comfortable to sleep on the back or in an upright position using an elevated wedge.

    Do shoulder braces work?
    Yes, the brace corrects body posture and trains joint movement for healing and decreased pain. A compression brace effectively reduces pain and inflammation by improving blood circulation in the affected area.

    How long does it take to heal the shoulder after surgery?
    It varies depending on the tear or surgical procedure. Recovery can take a month or two. Followthe recommendations of the physical therapist.

    How long is a brace worn after shoulder surgery?
    Following surgery, a sling is typically worn 1-6 weeks. The physician will give instructions on when it is time to remove the brace.

    Do shoulder braces help rotator cuff injuries?
    Yes, wearing a stabilizer will restrict the shoulder from any movement and protect the joint from further injury and pain.

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