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Posture Support Braces & Corrective Devices

Posture Supports create proper posture to prevent slouching while working long days in an office chair. The purpose of wearing a posture brace is to relieve back, neck, and shoulder pain by getting the musculature into alignment. Correct posture improves musculoskeletal health to support all-around health and well-being. The posture straps located between the shoulder blades train the musculature and line up the shoulders. This prevents the shoulder from rolling forward and counteracts the weight from the chest that causes the hunching appearance. Posture therapy using a shoulder posture brace builds muscle memory so the user knows what it feels like to stand and sit tall.

Vitality also offers a variety of posture corrective devices, like the Compressed Posture Cushion.

What to Look for in a Posture Corrector

Look for a comfortable brace that doesn't cause pain. Posture correction braces that are designed very rigid will not only be uncomfortable but will be counterproductive because it will make the musculature dependent on the structure instead of training it. This can even weaken the muscles. Breathable material is another feature that may be desired so that therapy is cool and comfortable.


Benefits of Wearing Posture Corrective Braces

  • Provides Temporary Treatment for Neck, Back and Shoulder Pain
  • Slips on For Easy Treatment
  • Straps Pull Shoulder Blades Into Alignment
  • Therapy Trains the Musculature
  • Promote Correct Posture

Brace Options

Full Back With Criss-Cross Straps Design


  • TECH-EZ , 2441, has a vest-like appearance from the back with overlaying criss-cross shoulder straps placed in the middle of the back. This is ideal when there is spinal pressure on the disk. The straps fasten to the front panel that comfortably wraps around the abdomen.
  • DMI Posture Corrector, 6462241, has upper criss-cross shoulder straps to prevent slouching and reduce back strain. The front chest strap is minimal and makes donning and doffing easy using the hook-and-loop strap.
  • DMI Posture Brace

Minimal Figure-8 Strap Design


  • OTC Figure-8 Posture Correcting Strap, 2454, features padded lightweight straps in a figure-8 design. The adjustable straps give the desired tension to comfortably get the back and shoulders into the correct posture.
  • Figure-8 Clavicle Strap, 2453, is designed to correct stooped shoulders or stabilize the collarbone to heal fractures or dislocations. The figure-8 design maintains even support.
  • Figure-8 Posture Support

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