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Nebulizer Compressors

Nebulizer compressors are the driving force behind pushing medicated mist through a nebulizer and into the lungs. Nebulizer compressors come either as stationary units or battery powered portable nebulizer compressors. Nebulizer compressors come in various forms and designs to meet the needs of those who have specific lung therapy needs, including those with asthma, bronchitis, or COPD. Vitality Medical carries multiple trusted brand names that deliver consistent results.

Nebulizer Compressor Patient Applications.

  • Use nebulizer compressors for: powering the compressed air to the nebulizer, pushing the mist through the nebulizer mouth piece, providing the integral power to treat lung disease symptoms by delivering aerosol medication.
  • Use portable nebulizers for: lung therapy away from home, having a smaller unit to deliver aerosol medication, having a nebulizer compressor that is battery powered.
  • Use nebulizers for: attaching to a nebulizer compressor to breath medicated mist, attaching to a mask to breath medicated mist through the mouth and nose, an essential piece to mix the air and medication solution so it is put into microscopic mist.

Most Durable

Pulmo Aide Compressor Nebulizer

  • 10 year product life
  • 5 year warranty


Best Selling

OMRON CompAIR Compressor Nebulizer System NEC-801

  • Lightweight
  • Low Price


Highest Output

Aerosol Compressor Heavy Duty Nebulizer

  • Highest output 30 LPM
  • Highest pressure 80 PSI


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