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  1. Cunningham Clamp by BARD
    Fine product- works well and is comfortable because of the 3 settings..
    Thanks to the young lady that helped me choose the right size.Since I have a very small penis she measured each clamp. She said that the juvenile would fine for
    (Review by Bruce)
  2. Gyrx Squeezer Klip Incontinence Penile Clamp
    Very good product with managable discomfort.
    The product is well designed and appears more durable than similar products. I like the adjustability and was able to find a setting that was reasonably comfortable. After having it
    (Review by Dan27)
  3. Cunningham Clamp by BARD
    Question of stickiness.
    Clamp works very well.I have one question why does the rubber get very sticky after a number of washings.
    (Review by Big Al)
  4. Jackson Medical J Clamp Incontinence Clamp
    Very pleased with my new J Clamp.
    I can now walk my dog without soaking my pad...I can also play one hour of racquetball with very minimal leakage.... I can drive 200 miles; stop gas up; then
    (Review by Dr. "Rails")

Incontinence Clamps | Penile Clamp | Cunningham Clamp – Squeezer Clip – Baumrucker Clamp – J Clamp & More!

Incontinence Clamps


Incontinence Clamps are designed to treat male Incontinence. An Incontinence Clamp is placed around the penis to block the flow of urine through the urethra. Constructed of plastic, foam and sometimes metal, incontinence clamps prevent urine leakage by applying light pressure around the penis. The Cunningham Clamp is the leading incontinence clamp. The Squeezer Klip, the Baumrucker Incontinence Clamp and the J Clamp are also popular incontinence clamps. An Incontinence Clamp does not require surgery or drugs to treat Male Incontinence. Incontinence clamps are used to control when men urinate. To urinate using an incontinence clamp, men release the pressure around the penis allowing the flow of urine to the toilet or urinal. Incontinence Clamps have proven useful for men with obesity, those who have diabetes, those with loss of bladder control due to age, or men who are recovering from prostate surgery.

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