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Incontinence Clamps

What Are Incontinence Clamps?

Incontinence Clamps are designed to treat male incontinence. Incontinence Clamps are placed around the penis to block the flow of urine. An Incontinence Clamp does not require surgery or drugs to treat male incontinence. Incontinence clamps are used to control when men urinate. To urinate using an incontinence clamp, men release the pressure around the penis allowing the flow of urine to the toilet or urinal. Incontinence Clamps have proven useful for men with obesity, those who have diabetes, those with loss of bladder control due to age, or men who are recovering from prostate surgery.

Urinary Incontinence in men is growing. Many aging men have mild incontinence and dribbling of urine that is not controllable. Because of the male anatomy, adult diapers are not the only solution for male incontinence. Male urinary clamps are easy to use and very effective in controlling urine incontinence in men. Incontinence Clamps are small and inexpensive devices that are worn externally around the penis. Often referred to as a "penis clamp", urine clamps are designed to place pressure on the urethra to cut off the involuntary flow of urine from the bladder through the penis, while at the same time, providing for proper blood flow. When worn and used properly, urinary clamps can replace adult diapers or absorbent briefs. Incontinence clamps can provide a discreet solution to control urine flow and leakage.

How to Choose an Incontinence Clamp

Incontinence Clamp Selection has eight important criteria: construction, fitting, locking mechanism, washable, durability, weight and discreetness. This article examines the selection options for the following seven incontinence clamp options: Cunningham Clamp, J Clamp, Uriclak Clamp, Squeezer Klip, DribbleStop Clamp, CirClamp and the C3 Clamp.

Incontinence Clamp Construction

Penis clamps are constructed with several different materials, including stainless steel, rubber pads, foam pads, soft cloth and plastic. Stainless steel is highly durable and strong. Rubber pads and foam pads are soft and comfortable. Rubber pads are less expensive but also prohibitive for some who have allergies to latex products. Plastic construction offers lightweight and flexibility. Cloth is soft, very lightweight and very flexible, but not as durable. Incontinence clamps with metal may not be the best choice when negotiating security checks at airports or government buildings. If you prefer metal penis clamps, recommend getting a prostheses notification from your doctor to facilitate security checks. Some very sensitive scanners can detect the other clamps as well. Comparing the product life of the incontinence clamps, the Cunningham Clamp, Squeezer Klip and the J Clamp lead the pack.

Incontinence Clamps Construction Materials

  • C3 Clamp: cloth, plastic
  • CirClamp: plastic,non-latex rubber
  • DribbleStop Clamp: plastic, foam
  • Squeezer Klip: plastic, foam, steel
  • Uriclak Clamp: thermo-plastic, steel
  • Cunningham Clamp: stainless steel, foam, latex
  • J Clamp: plastic, stainless steel, foam

Fitting an Incontinence Clamp

Several incontinence clamps are designed as a one size fits all and are very adaptive to individual needs. Others are more rigid with small, medium and large options. Some are adjustable by inserting different size pins or connectors to adapt to the needs of the individual incontinence patient. The Squeezer Klip offers the best capability of adjusting tension to individual needs. A screw type adjustment on the Squeezer Klip allows micro adjustment of the clamp tension.

Penis Clamp Locking Mechanism

The locking mechanism for incontinence clamps can be an important factor for those who have lost dexterity with their hands or fingers. Options for locking mechanisms include ratchet systems, twist knobs, hook and loop (Velcro), and spring tension options. Which option works best for you may depend on your ability to manipulate the closure device. Consider if you are better able to twist, push, snap or press the closure device to lock it in place.

Washable Male Incontinence Clamps

Most of the incontinence clamps can be cleaned with mild soapy water. Others like the C3 Clamp or the CirClamp are disposable.

Penis Clamp Weight

The weight of a penis clamp is a concern for some men who find that a heavier penis clamp is more irritating than the lighter ones. Lightweight clamps are a trade-off against durability. Essentially the more durable the construction of the incontinence clamp, the more weight. The lightest weight penis clamps are the C3 Clamp and the CirClamp. The heaviest weight and most durable male incontinence clamps are the J Clamp and the Cunningham Clamp.

Best Selling Incontinence Clamps Weight in Ounces

  • C3 Clamp: 0.01250
  • CirClamp: 0.01875
  • DribbleStop Clamp: 0.02500
  • Squeezer Klip: 0.03749
  • Uriclak Clamp: 0.04999
  • Cunningham Clamp: 0.06249
  • J Clamp: 0.07499

Discreet Incontinence Clamps

Most men prefer that others do not know that they have an incontinence problem or that they are wearing a diaper or incontinence clamp. All of the clamps are designed to be discrete; however, the cloth C3 clamp offers the most discreetness and takes up the least amount of room in your briefs.

Male Incontinence Clamp Notes

Give clamps that use foam pads a 24-hour rest between use. This 24-hour rest allows the foam pads to return fully to the original shape. By alternating between clamps on a daily basis, you can prolong the life of your incontinence clamps significantly.

If you select the disposable type incontinence clamps, do not try to use them too long. They should be replaced at least weekly or when they become soiled or lose their tension. No one wants to be caught in an compromising moment because the clamp was no longer able to function, resulting in an embarrassing urine leak.

Urinary Incontinence Clamp Additional Information

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Squeezer™ Incontinence Control Penile Clamp

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Cunningham Clamp

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C3 Incontinence Penis Clamp

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