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ActiCuf Male Urinary Incontinence Compression Pouch

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ActiCuf 10 Pack
ActiCuf 10 Pack AC1001-1 Male Urinary Incontinence Compression Pouch


ActiCuf Compression Pouch is used for male dribbling. It is essentially an incontinence pouch used for men. Designed for the active men, the ActiCuf can be worn comfortably without any concern of detection even during physical activity. When placed on the penis, the padded closure gently presses against the urethra to help control urinary flow. This compression force is gentle but firm. The ActiCuf compression pouch is also a soft and comfortable absorption pad. The dual nature of this male incontinence device makes it a step ahead of the competition.

ActiCuf Compression Pouch has a unique design that provides for absorbtion of any leaking urine. You can be very active without worrying about an extra pad or your undergarments. Because the ActiCuf is disposable you can quickly and easily remove it and replace it with a spare if an accident occurs. Its slim and discreet construction offers confidence and comfort when using it at public urinals.

Men who use incontinence protection may want to consider other Vitality Medical products for male incontinence, including the C3 Penis Clamp, the Cunningham Clamp or the Male Urine Guards.

Use the Step by Step Guide below to remove and replace the ActiCuf with ease.


How to remove or replace the ActiCuf Compression Pouch

How to Use the Acticuf Compression Pouch
1.Hold the Acticuf product with your thumb and forefinger
Using the Acticuf Compression Pouch
2. Squeeze the Acticuf product until the end is completely open and round in shape. Insert penis as far as possible into the opening of the device.
Wearing the Acticuf Compression Pouch
3.Release pressure so the Acticuf product fits snugly around the penis. Adust it as necessary to achieve the greatest comfort and ultimate leakage protection.

*Note: The Acticuf product must be repositioned every 3-4 hours.
Day to day use of the Acticuf Compression Pouch

4. To remove the Acticuf either at a urinal or at home, simply:

  • Squeeze the shaft of the penis to stop urinary flow
  • Remove the Acticuf product to urinate
  • Replace the Acticuf product by repeating the steps above.


Frequently Asked Questions about ActiCuf

Q: Will people notice I'm wearing the Active Pouch?

A: Rest assured, the ActiCuf Compression Pouch was engineered and carefully tested with this very concern in mind. Its unique shape forms naturally to your body. Plus it is small enough to carry with you confidently - even in your pocket!

Q: How long can I wear the ActiCuf Pouch?

A: One ActiCuf Compression Pouch can be used all day, however, it will need to be repositioned every three to four hours. Though rare, instances of skin irritation may occur with prolonged exposure to urine. The ActiCuf Pouch should not be worn while sleeping.

Q: Can I use a public urinal with the ActiCuf Pouch?

A: Absolutely! Because the ActiCuf Pouch is so discreet, you can take it off and put it on again quickly and effortlessly without anyone noticing.

Q: Is a prescription required?

A: No. Any male affected by urinary incontinence who desires a renewed lifestyle is invited to experience the freedom of the ActiCuf Compression Pouch. When seeking reimbursement however, a prescription is required.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions regarding the ActiCuf Pouch?

A: Call toll-free 1-800-397-5899 to speak with a Vitality Medical Customer Service Representative. We can help you with any questions you have and place the order for you.

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