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  1. Jackson Medical J Clamp Incontinence Clamp
    Veryy positive.
    The Jackson clamp works great. It is compact. The shape and contour make it fit perfectly.
    (Review by Mr. Big Al)
  2. Jackson Medical J Clamp Incontinence Clamp
    Best product of its kind that I have tried..
    This device is compact, comfortable and durable. It works better than 4 other similar devices that I have used.
    (Review by D. Wayne)
  3. Cunningham Clamp by BARD
    100% satisfaction.
    Complete satisfaction with the product and with Vitality Medical's handling of my orders.
    (Review by Mike)
  4. Gyrx Squeezer Klip Incontinence Penile Clamp
    Great service and great product..
    Easy order with a great price. Product arrived sooner than expected.
    (Review by Don)

Penile Clamp | Incontinence Clamp - Male Incontinence & More!

Penile Clamps


Penile Clamps are used by men to treat incontinence. These Incontinence Clamps are placed around the penis to prevent urine leakage. Penile Clamps are a safe non-invasive procedure that requires no surgery or drugs to treat Male Incontinence. As an external clamp that gently applies pressure to stop urine flow through the urethra, penile clamps have proven to be effective for men with incontinence. Many men after prostate surgery have difficulty controlling urine leakage. Penile clamps are used to control when men urinate. Also useful for older men, penile clamps help control urine dribble from incontinence. Penile clamps stop continuous and intermittent urine leakage. Other conditions that cause incontinence and that may benefit from the use of a Penile Clamp or Penis Clamp include diabetes, obesity and some surgeries. We feature a large number of manufacturers of various incontinence clamps.

Penile Clamp Patient Application:

  • Mild Male Incontinence
  • Occasional Urine Leakage

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