Diabetic Accessories — Diabetic Daily Organizer, Diabetic Organizer, Insulin Case

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  1. MediCooler Micro Insulin Refrigerator
    Good so far.
    My Medicooler was dead out of the box. I called the manufacturer and was told that there was a bad batch of AC power cords. I plugged it in in
    (Review by Larry)
  2. Dia-Pak Classic by Medicool
    If you take insulin I recomend you get the medicool dia-pac and make trips away from home more enjoyable with less worries.
    The medicool dia-pak classic is just what I was looking for. Now when I go places I feel more comfortable knowing I have my tester and insulin supplies all together
    (Review by Randyman)
  3. MediCooler Micro Insulin Refrigerator
    Medicooler Insulin Refrigerator is Good for Long Trips.
    The Mini insulin refrigerator makes traveling with insulin so much easier. I really use the car adapter, that way, even on long trips, I know my insulin is safe.
    (Review by Matt)
  4. LifeScan Logbook Diabetic
    convenient size good price.
    Getting several of these here is much cheaper than buying on amazon or other sites even with shipping. The booklet is the same as the one that came with my
    (Review by countryside)

Diabetic Accessories — Diabetic Daily Organizer, Diabetic Organizer, Insulin Case & More!

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    Diabetic Accessories — Medication Case, Dia-Pak Daymate, Medicool Dia-Pak, Medport Med Ice. Diabetic Accessories including diabetic daily organizer, diabetic organizer, insulin case, syringe case, medication case, Dia-Pak Daymate, Medicool Dia-Pak and Medport Med Ice. Discount diabetic accessories you can order online for home delivery!

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