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EZ Access

EZ Access is a division of Homecare Products. EZ Access specializes in medical products that assist mobility patients. EZ Access also manufactures Bath Supplies, Bathing Aids and Bathroom Accessories. Highly respected in the industry for their Wheelchair Ramps and Access Ramps, EZ Access has designed some of the most functional mobility ramps in the medical and healthcare industry. It's no secret that many homes and businesses are not accessible to persons in wheelchairs and scooters. In those cases, an EZ Access Wheel Chair Ramp may be helpful. EZ Access manufacturers high quality ramps to fit curbs, stairs and cars. Some models of EZ Access Scooter Ramps are adjustable to accommodate a variety of situations. EZ Access Wheelchair Ramps are made of lightweight aluminum that is durable and strong and uses a non-skid surface which makes for a sturdy, stable ramp. EZ Access also manufactures EZ Access Walker Accessories, EZ Access Wheelchair Accessories and EZ Access Scooter Accessories.
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Featured EZ Access Products

EZ ACCESS Threshold Ramps


For scooters and wheelchairs. The EZ-ACCESS Threshold Ramp is a lightweight yet durable modular ramp designed for doorways, sliding glass doors, and raised landings. Threshold Learn More
Pathway Modular Ramp with Handrails


EZ ACCESS Pathway Modular Ramps are adaptable to individual needs. Easy to assemble and manufactured with lightweight, durable aluminum, EZ ACCESS Ramps comply with ADA specifications. Learn More
Homecare Products EZ Shampoo Hair Washing Tray


Contoured to fit the neck comfortably and rest on the shoulders for easy shampooing in a seated position. Unique flexible rubber facing surrounds the tray and neck opening to Learn More
EZ Access Trifold Ramp - Advantage Series


EZ-ACCESS TRIFOLD® Advantage Series portable wheelchair ramp, with its unique 3-fold design, offers the length required for wheelchairs and scooters to easily access s Learn More
Homecare Products Scooter Arm Tote Carry On


Mesh pouch with pockets attaches easily to side area of scooter arm. Allows immedicate access to all valuables and personal items. Black. Learn More
Homecare Products EZ Access Suitcase Ramp - Advantage Series


EZ-ACCESS SUITCASE Advantage Ramp with single fold design offers a simple and convenient solution for wheelchairs and scooters to access steps, vehicles, and raised entrances. Learn More
Walker Carry On Pouch


Lightweight design and deep pockets make this side-mounted pouch ideal for carry-on convenience. Black. Learn More
Homecare Products Wheelchair Pouch


ChairPack CarryON! Lightweight, durable mesh, fire-retardant backpack for wheelchairs. Machine washable. Attaches to the push arms or over the seat on standard wheelchairs. Learn More

Other Top Selling EZ Access Products

Homecare Products EZ Access Suitcase Ramp - Signature Series


EZ ACCESS Suitcase Ramp Signature Series is manufactured by Homecare Products for use as a Scooter Ramp or Wheelchair Ramp. The EZ ACCESS Suitcase Ramp is available in 2', 3', 4', 5', 6', 7' and 8-foot lengths. Learn More
Homecare Products EZ Access Rubber Threshold Ramp


EZ-ACCESS Rubber Threshold Ramp is designed for doorways and raised landings and can be used by itself or two combined to make entry and/or exit convenient and safe. Learn More
Homecare Products Universal Tote Carry On Jr.


Attaches easily to inside area of a wheelchair. Also ideal for walkers and scooters. Features zipper closure with easy pull zipper cord. Black. Learn More
Homecare Products EZ Bathe


Allows clients to safely enjoy a bath or shower without leaving their bed. Client rolls onto 22-gauge vinyl antimicrobial tub, which is then inflated around them using wet-dry Learn More
EZ Access Modular Ramp without Handrails


EZ ACCESS Modular Ramps are versatile ramps that serve as wheelchair ramps or scooter ramps. EZ ACCESS Ramps comply with ADA specifications. Learn More