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  1. 3M Steri-Strip Adhesive Skin Closure Reinforced
    Healing touch of Steri-Strip Adhesive Skin Closure Reinforced.
    I use these strips and I find them very effective for covering the wounds. These strips are porous in nature to allow air to pass through. These are made up
    (Review by Elizabeth Culbertson)
  2. Suture Strip Plus Wound Closure Strips
    Suture Strip Plus Wound Closure Strips Elasticity.
    Suture Strip Plus Strips are very flexible and gives with your skin. These strips are the best I have seen for wound closure.
    (Review by Edward)
  3. 3M Steri-Strip Blend Tone Skin Closures Non Reinforced
    Love this natural color!!!.
    I have several cuts on my face. As you might imagine, having wounds on your face is something that could be embarrassing. With this 3M skin closures however, I could
    (Review by Weber)
  4. 3M Steri-Strip Blend Tone Skin Closures Non Reinforced
    Good Product, outstanding service.
    The product is as ordered and meets all expectations. Delivery time exceeds all expectations. I will use this company again.
    (Review by Georgia)

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