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Improve your quality of life by taking advantage of the benefits of insulin pumps. They have several features that allow you to take firmer control over your diabetes, particularly those with type 1 diabetes. Insulin pumps offer predictable insulin delivery and increase flexibility in lifestyle. It is a painless and easy way to make sure your body receives the appropriate amount of insulin at the appropriate time.

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What is an Insulin Pump?

It is a computerized way to deliver insulin to the body continuously throughout the day. For some, it is a perfect alternative to relying on single injections. It also takes away the association that many have with injections/needles and every meal.

How do They Work?

A catheter is implanted every 2 or 3 days, which is a process that is more involved than single injections, but the benefit is a drop in the amount of times needed to inject with a needle.

Benefits and Features

  • Easy - Painless Injections
  • Additional Insulin may be Injected as Needed
  • Pumps can be Set to Deliver Adjustable Rates at Different Times of Day
  • Flexibility with Food
  • Flexibility with Exercise
  • Increased Blood Glucose Control
  • Reduces Episodes of Severe Hypoglycemia
  • Lowers Risk of Developing Long-Term Diabetes Complications

The decision to use an insulin pump is a personal one and each individual is different. You must be comfortable with operating the technology and mechanics that come with the decision to trade needles for a pump, but when committed, it can change how you see and treat diabetes daily.

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