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How to Choose Kerlix Dressings

There are several Kerlix dressing choices on Vitality Medical and can be grouped into a few major categories: sterility, style and whether it is impregnated or plain. The first classification is sterile and non-sterile. Nearly all Kerlix product lines carry both. If you are looking for a primary wound dressing application it is better to go with a sterile gauze solution, unless directed otherwise by a healthcare professional. Non-sterile options are good for secondary wound wraps where they are used more to comfort, cover, and protect the wound area.

The next classification is how the gauze is dispensed. There is both roll or sponge options for Kerlix dressings. The Kerlix dressing roll is simply a long thin sheet of ply gauze rolled tightly and package sealed. Kerlix gauze pads, or sponges, typically come individually wrapped two together. Some non-sterile options come loose, packaged all together.

Finally, consider whether the gauze should be impregnated with an antiseptic. Kerlix dressings are offered with AMD (Anti-Microbial Dressing) topping. The common chemical used is the disinfectant and antiseptic Polyhexamethylene Biguanide (PHMB), which resists bacterial colonization in the dressing for both gram positive, gram negative and MRSA bacteria.

About Kerlix Dressing

Kerlix dressing, is a brand of mostly woven cotton gauze bandages with a number of different woundcare applications. Most Kerlix gauze dressings are made of 100 percent cotton, fluff dried, and designed to absorb wound exudate and provide protection and comfort for the wound. The Kerlix woven dressings are used both as a primary and secondary wound dressing, meaning they can often be used placed directly against the wound bed, or as a protection cover that can absorb exudate while covering a primary dressing underneath. The following information will detail some of the Kerlix choices on Vitality Medical as well as their special properties and how the gauze is applied. Vitality Medical contains an ever growing catalog of Covidien wound dressings, especially the Kerlix gauze products. Now that we know a little bit about what Kerlix is, we will have some popular choices from the three major categories mentioned above.

Popular Choices:

  • Kerlix Gauze Bandage Rolls -- The most versatile, they are offered in both sterile and non-sterile options and have a crinkle weave pattern to add 'loft' to the cotton for rapid absorption properties.
  • Kerlix AMD Super Sponges -- Like the roll form, these have PHMB as an antiseptic and provide the same protection. These Kerlix gauze sponges may prove easier as sponge sections for smaller wounds used as a primary dressing and secured by a secondary.

Kerlix Dressing Applications

Prepping the wound to place the Kerlix dressing as a contact layer is not much different than any other wound prep. First thing to keep in mind is to try and maintain a sterile environment and not to contaminate your tools or the gauze by contacting it with anything other than another sterile space. Follow the steps below as a general guideline for applying the gauze dressing: Irrigate or cleanse the wound with sterile saline solution or sterile water and dry the area. Peel open the gauze package and remove the dressing from the package (you can use a sterile clamp or wear sterile gloves). Place the dressing over the wound, into the wound (if used as packing), or wrap the dressing around the limb or abdomen, depending on the wound location.

Change the dressing as frequently as your physician instructs you to do so. Dispose of soiled dressing according to your doctor or nurse (typically in a bio-waste basket or bag). Get an evaluation of the wound healing progress from your woundcare specialist.

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