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Cure Medical

Cure Medical was founded in Newport Beach, California in 2007. Bob Yant, the founder for the company, is has a spinal cord injury victum himself. Cure Medical provides financial support for research to cure SCI and CNS/D, providing 10% of their net income towards funding research. Every Cure Medical purchase you make helps to provide a donation to researching cures for spinal cord injury and other neurologic disorders.

Cure Medical manufactures sterile, singe use catheter products designed for optimum safety, comfort and ease of use. Products from this company include Cure Medical Intermittent Catheters in sizes ranging from 8 French to 18 French, Cure Medical Catheter Insertion Trays, Cure Catheter Closed System singles or kits ranging in sizes of 8 French to 16 French and Cure Twist Straight Tip Catheters with 6 inch length and in sizes ranging from 10 French to 14 French. The Cure Twist Catheters for designed for women with an easy, twist top, pre-lubricated catheter with an attached universal funnel end. Cure Medical also manufactures Cure Coude Catheter for men.

Cure Medical provides the following three advantages in all their products:

  1. Smooth Polished Eyelets.
  2. DEHP Free.
  3. Latex Free.

Smooth Polished Eyelets are provided on all Cure Medical Catheters, using an ultrasonic process to ensure that all eyelets have smooth polished edges. These smooth polished eyelets provide comfort and safety for catheter patients. Cure Medical Catheters are all manufactured with smooth polished eyelets.

DEHP is a chemical added to plastic to make it flexible. This substance has been found to cause cancer and reproductive harm. Although DEHP continues to be used in most PVC catheters, Cure Medical products are all DEHP free.

Latex is present in rubber products. It is the raw material for rubber products. Many individuals react negatively to latex products. Latex is an irritant for many people and for some even slight exposure to latex can cause an immediate, life-threatening allergic reaction. Cure Medical products are all latex free.

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