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Medical Room Deodorizers — Ostomy Air Deodorizer, Ostomy Deodorizer, Urostomy Deodorizer Supplies

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What Is a Room Deodorizer?

Room Deodorizers are useful at home and when in public. An Ostomy Deodorizer will quickly clear odors associated with changing an ostomy bag or emptying its contents. A good Ostomy Room Deodorizer will eliminate odors not just mask them.

How do Room Deodorizers Work?

A room deodorizer contains an Odor Antagonist disrupts the odor associated with biological waste. An enclosed room or space can be smelling fresh in seconds. Many of these room deodorizers come in easy to use spray bottles. Ostomy Deodorizers are available in two basic options--scented and unscented.

Find a Room Deodorizer

Popular brands include M9 Odor Eliminator, Gentell Ease, ZorbX, ByeBye Odor, Na'Scent, Nok Out and Hex On. Vitality Medical carries ostomy room deodorizers from trusted medical supply manufacturers, including Bard, Coloplast, Dermarite, Hollister, Nok-Out, Hartmann USA, and New Dignity. Discount prices on Ostomy Deodorizers and Incontinence Deodorizers everyday at Vitality Medical.

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