POS-T-VAC Impotence Treatment

Pos-T-Vac is a leading manufacturer of products for male impotence treatments. Use Pos-T-Vac penis pumps and tension rings, for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, also known as ED. Male impotence can be emotionally and financially demanding, and that is why Pos-T-Vac ED products are available in economical and deluxe versions. In addition to being inexpensive, Pos-T-Vac provides its products in an Penis Pump Kit that includes a battery or manually operated vacuum pump, tension bands (also known as penis rings) and a sealing lubricant.

The penis pumps will facilitate the erection and the tension rings will maintain it. Pos-T-Vac tension bands will be supplied in the pump kits, but you can also purchase them separately. Pos-T-Vac Impotence Treatment Systems have a proven effective rate of 90% without the use of medications or surgery. In addition, being approved by the FDA, Pos-T-Vac Impotence Kits offer you a non-invasive and safe treatment for male impotence.

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