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Osbon ErecAid Esteem MANUAL or BATTERY Operated Vacuum ED Therapy System

Timm Osbon - Authorized Distributor

Product Highlights

  • Multiple tension bands for perfect sizing
  • Drug free, non-medical solution
  • No doctor visit or prescription required
  • 72-hour memory
  • Fast Delivery
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1130 MANUAL Vacuum Pump with Cylinder, Adapter Sleeve, Loading Cone, Easy Action Ring Loader, 4 Tension Bands, Lubricant, Carry Case, Quick Reference Guide and User Guide. - Ships Free! Each
List Price: $276.67 Price:
You Save: $27.67 (10%)
1135 BATTERY Vacuum Pump with Cylinder, Adapter Sleeve, Loading Cone, Easy Action Ring Loader, 4 Tension Bands, Lubricant, Carry Case, Quick Reference Guide and User Guide. - Ships Free! Each
List Price: $332.22 Price:
You Save: $33.22 (10%)
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Timm Osbon ErecAid Esteemmj Osbon ErecAid Esteem Penis Pump Battery Operated Timm Osbon Penis Rings Tension Bands Pink Timm Osbon  Tension Band Penis Ring Gold Timm Osbon ErecAid Esteem Manual Pump Parts Timm Osbon Tension Band Timm Osbon Tension Band Chart Osbon ErecAid Esteem Penis Pump MANUAL Scrotal Shield Osbon ErecAid Esteem Automatic


Overview Osbon ErecAid Esteem Vacuum Therapy System, manufactured by Timm Osbon, is available in either a manual or battery-operated vacuum therapy to assist with treatment for ED, also known as ED. The pumps feature superior construction and unparalleled user-friendliness that makes this ED pump a top-of-the-line impotence therapy system. The American Urology Association has stated that vacuum therapy devices are a safe and effective non-invasive treatment for ED. Penile injections, urethral inserts, oral medications, and implant surgery can have harmful side effects, require frequent doctor visits, and become quite expensive. Being a medically rated vacuum therapy ED pump, this pump has been proven to successfully treat impotence in over 90% of men. In addition to its effectiveness, this pump system offers unique design features and a level of durability that surpasses other pumps. First and foremost, the design of the manual pump supports one-hand operation when most manual vacuum pumps require two hands to operate. This pump is the only manual pump that we carry designed for one-hand use, which can be a feature important to men. The battery-operated pump is one of the finest vacuum ED devices available. The automatic pumping that this Battery Pump provides does not require any effort on the part of the user, as opposed to manually operated pumps. In both styles, the pump head is also contoured for a natural fit in the hand. Like other ED pumps, this one includes a pressure release button that instantly eliminates pressure inside the pump cylinder when pumping is complete. The release button also serves as a safety device for when too much vacuum pressure is created. The release button on this pump is strategically placed to reduce the occurrence of accidental pressure release. On some pumps, the position of the pressure release button makes it much easier to press accidentally, causing the user to have to restart the pumping process. Timm Osbon also includes a special Easy-Action Ring Applicator with this kit that makes it much easier to apply tension bands to the pump cylinder. The 4 ErecAid tension bands that come with the kit boast an exclusive design that accommodates male anatomy more than any other tension bands. This pump cylinder receives special treatment in the manufacturing process. Timm Medical carefully buffs the edges of each pump cylinder to a smooth finish. The edges of some other pumps can have sharp ridges on them that cause pain or discomfort. Because of the smoothness of Timm Osbon cylinders, they can be comfortably used with or without the cylinder adapter. The overall construction of this pump and its components are much more durable than the average pump. The pump cylinder is constructed of thick, hard plastic that is virtually unbreakable. Other pump cylinders can bend or flex if enough pressure is applied to them. The other components, such as the pump head, are equally durable to prevent breakage or damage. Vitality Medical understands that a lot of individuals want to keep their sexual lives private, which is why we will take the utmost discretion when shipping this product in a plain box. No prescription is required for purchase. Items Included With Pump, Features, Benefits, Specifications, Contraindications, Safety Features, Additional Information, and User Guide   Items Included With ErecAid Esteem ED Pump: Five-Ounce Tube of Personal Lubricant Gel. Four (4) Tension Bands - Assorted Sizes Cylinder Adapter to Change Breadth Detailed User Manual Durable Cylinder Easy-Action Ring Applicator Pump Quick Reference Guide Zippered Canvas Case Batteries (for the 1135 Manual Option)   Features and Benefits: Assortment of Tension Bands Contoured, Ergonomic Pump Design Drug-Free Solution Easy to Use No Prescription Required Instant Results No Surgery Required Safety Features Safety Release Button Smooth Cylinder Edges One-Hand Operation for Manual Pump   Specifications: Manufacturer: Timm Osbon Product Numbers: 1130 (Manual), 1135 (Battery Operated) Cylinder Width: 2 inches Cylinder Length: 8.5 inches Ring Sizes: 1 Medium Standard and 1 Medium High Tension 1 Large Standard and 1 Large High Tension Warranty: 5-Year Limited Application: To Treat ED   ErecAid Esteem Manual Pump System Safety Feature The safety release valve prevents injury. Additional Information: Timm Medical Esteem User Guide will give you detailed information on how to operate this vacuum therapy pump, tips for best results, warranty information, and more. ErecAid Esteem Instructions About ErecAid

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Manufacturer Timm Osbon
Brand Osbon ErecAid

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