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Mobilaire™ 50 PSI Medical Aerosol Air Compressor

By Invacare

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Mobilaire™ Aerosol Compressor is designed for use with medications that require more flow and pressure to nebulize properly.
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50 PSI Compressor


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Mobilaire™ 50 PSI Medical Aerosol Air Compressor is designed for use with medications that require more flow and pressure to nebulize properly. This medical air compressor offers low-noise operation and an easy-to-read pressure gauge. Non-marring rubber feet on the bottom of the Mobilaire come with suction-cups for stable operation. This aerosol compressor is a durable piston compressor that is UL and CSA listed, 115 VAC/60 Hz. Offering a pressure range of 0-50 psi, the Mobilaire has an operating pressure of 7 LPM @ a nominal 23 psi and up to a psi of 50. The Mobilaire Compressor is a filtered nebulizer system manufactured by Invacare.

Mobilaire™ 50 PSI Medical Aerosol Air Compressor Features & Benefits

  • Adjustable pressure.
  • Low-noise operation.
  • Easy-to-read pressure gauge.
  • Non-marring rubber feet. Suction cup feet for stable operation.
  • Durable piston.
  • Optional J-tube (IRC5070) available.
  • UL and CSA listed.

Mobilaire™ 50 PSI Medical Aerosol Air Compressor Specifications

  • Mobilaire™ 50 PSI Medical Aerosol Air Compressor Product Number: IRC607.
  • Width: 8"
  • Length: 8"
  • Height: 10.5"
  • Weight: 11.3 lbs.
  • Manufacturer: Invacare.
  • HMESA CODE: 30-20-03-04.
  • HCPCS Code: E0565.
  • Invacare Mobilaire 50 PSI Medical Aerosol Air Compressor Warranty: 1-year.

Mobilaire™ 50 PSI Medical Aerosol Air Compressor Additional Information

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Invacare
Ships Free Yes
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Product Questions

How much do the air filters cost?
If occasionally needed for oxygen only, what is the time limit this compressor can operate continually?

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3 Item(s)

I purchased this as I read rave reviews on many websites about it for those who have do do many nebulizer treatments a day.
Mine did not do well, losing air from under the compressor gauge area. I was concerned as taking 43 min and upwards to do albuterol/IP treatment. Purchased this for its fast treatment. I contacted Vit. Medical and they had me call Invacare. Customer service was wonderful and spoke to a tech who said no air should be coming out of the compressor so they arranged a return and Vit. Med. sent the information for the return and a replacement was sent from Invacare.
The new one had even worse air coming from the pressure control knob. You could hear it really well and it took so long to do a treatment with the Albuterol/IP and was 53 min.
I called Customer Service and the very nice customer service wanted me to speak with a tech who told me it was normal to have a small amount of air coming out there. That they knew nothing about what this compressor was used for and Invacare had no information about nebulizers or meds.
No one at Vitality Medical could answer my questions. I called my pulmonary drs office and RT said to bring it in and they would take a look. We did that and RT and my dr said this was a good compressor.
RT told me to try the Aero-Eclipse nebulizer (I was using the Pari Plus LC and the Pari Sprint. She said it would be quicker. It was no quicker. I used it with one of my other compressors and it did the treatment in 21 min and was a much cheaper compressor and not known to be fast.
I sent Vit. Medical an email about this compressor with the same problem. Their reply did not address my email I sent to them.
I have sent another stating this but have not heard from them.

I believe it is a good compressor but there is a problem that I can not get resolved. That Invacare says they know nothing about these compressors doing nebs and how they are supposed to deliver the meds faster and no one could help me with this problem and they knew no one that did.

I am very disappointed that no one knows what the problem is. I can not count on this compressor. I have asthma, copd, and pulmonary fibrosis. I babied this compressor using twice each day only. Today the PSI kept moving around and had to turn it off to get the pressure control knob to keep moving from 35 psi to past 60 before I could shut it off as it was headed for tops. Then it was set for 35 for another treatment and while doing the treatment the PSI dropped down to ten which the lowest I could get it to be.

This pressure control knob was loose on the first one but much more so on this one.
I expected better than this. I can not use this as it is. I can not get anyone at Invacare who is familiar with this compressor's functions.
Vitality Medical does not know either. I need a reliable compressor and I am sorry this one is not working well enough for me to depend on it to breathe. I have no upper airway and have a trach tube and I need a good compressor to help me breath and I need all these treatments.

I am so very sorry that it did not work, I had great expectations. I am very depressed over this issue and have done all I know to do. I can not locate anyone who knows what the problem might be and what I can do about it. I believe all it need is the problem corrected but no one knows what to do. That does not help me or the compressor.
This is great!
I do 5 aerosol medications total each day. Upgrading from my current, smaller machine to this one has REALLY improved the quality of my day in terms of freed-up time. My total time doing aersols has gone from 1 1/2 - 2 hours per session to about a half hour. I have a busy life, a 1 year old and few precious hours of free time. I love not having to spend ALL of the free times doing aerosols!!! This was an impactful purchase for me for sure.
Excellent product
If you are looking for a high pressure pump with commercial quality look no further. This pump is not cheap but due to it's higher pressure and flow rate it has cut 20 minutes off of my daily time, I do 3 meds twice a day. This alone makes it worth the expense for me.

3 Item(s)

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