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  1. Impo Aid Battery Replacement Head
    Thank you for nice price. I have compared the price to other sites and drug stores and it was the cheapest offer. Also always nice to have your stuff so
    (Review by Will)
  2. Encore Deluxe Battery and Manual Vacuum Erection Penis Pump (OTC)
    good product but takes some practice, provides OK erections better with lose dose viagra.
    works fine,quick good vacuum with manual but electric is very slow; tends to lose too much vacuum when releasing to slide ring off tube unless you are quick; gets better
    (Review by Jimbo)
  3. Encore ImpoAid Battery Vacuum Erection Penis Pump
    Solve your ED problems.
    Wow, there are lots of good reviews for this product! It is absolutely perfect for all persons with ED. There is no need to have lots of prescriptions; all you
    (Review by Charles)
  4. Encore Tension Bands
    Tension Bands Review.
    I bought this tension band just to try with my erection pump. I chose it due to its price not exactly knowing whether it will work great. However, I was
    (Review by Agustin)

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