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  1. OMRON Comp AIR Compressor Nebulizer
    A good piece of equipment at a great price.
    I'm not a frequent consumer of medical supplies, and in fact I purchased this device to treat the chronic respiratory illness of a pet, at veterinary direction. That said, I
    (Review by Ben)
  2. Hudson RCI Pressure Line Adaptor
    Very Pleased.
    high quality swivel adapter, ultra fast delivery, excellent price...Thnx Vitality
    (Review by pawunder)
  3. Replacement Parts & Accessories for FlexiFit Masks
    I liked it eventually..
    I was quite surprised when my CPAP device came with this full face mask. See, I imagined it to be just nasal tubes/cannulas so imagine my horror when I saw
    (Review by Arthur)
  4. Invacare Oxygen Tubing Connector
    meets standards.
    meets standards
    (Review by mickey)

3m Respiratory Therapy & More!

Respiratory Therapy

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Respiratory Therapy products are used to help repair lungs and protect against potential infection. 3M Respiratory Supplies are designed specifically to prevent these infections. 3M makes a variety of surgical masks and respirators to protect the eyes, nose and mouth. The masks not only act as a barrier, but as a preventative screen to protect both the user and the patient from sickness and infection. 3M Respiratory Supplies are made with high quality mesh materials that screen bacteria and other microbes.

3M Respiratory Therapy Patient Applications: Use 3M Breathing Therapy Supplies for: maintaining sanitation during surgery, covering the nose and mouth from medical debris, filtering air from potentially hazardous particles, shielding the eyes, nose and mouth during surgery.

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