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  1. Filter Replacement for Carbon Air Purifier 1000 for Pet Allergen
    Best filter made for home air purification.
    After trying many different purifiers and air filter systems, I am SOLD on this carbon filter. With five cats this carbon air purifier filter works the best.....
    (Review by James E)
  2. Air Cleaner 365
    Air Cleaner and Pet Dander.
    This air cleaner makes home life with my wife's cat liveable. It filters out the cat dander to keep my allergy in check.
    (Review by Ed)
  3. Onix 3000 Filterless Air Purifier
    Heated Air Purifier 650.
    This Heated Air Purifier is fantastic. I do not have to keep cleaning or replacing filters and it does not heat up the room to make it hot and uncomfortable.
    (Review by Amy)

Air Purifiers | Air Purifier Filters-Ion Air Purifiers - Carbon Air Filters - HEPA Air Purifiers & More!

Air Purifiers

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    Air purifiers are ideal for trapping small airborne particles that can irritate lungs and air passages. Air purifiers trap the debris using a variety of different methods including paper filters, carbon filters, HEPA filters, and ion charged surfaces. They are ideal for rooms within a home or small enclosures where people dwell to promote lung health and prevent irritation due to pollen, air pollution and everyday fine particles. Many air purifiers can filter particles so fine that bacteria and viruses even get trapped.

    Air Purifiers Patient Applications: Use Air Purifiers for removing dust and micro particles from the air, trapping allergens, bacteria, and viruses with specialized filters, reducing or eliminating odors from a room.

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