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  1. Carbon Air Purifier 1500 Military Grade
    Carbon Air Purifier.
    This carbon air purifier is the top purifier I was able to find. We live near a refinery and find the air in our home is clean and refreshing until
    (Review by Andy )
  2. Carbon Air Purifier 1000 for Pet Allergens
    You cant beat a carbon filtered air sanitizer.
    I love this carbon air sanitizer. If removes all the harmful micro particles that make it hard for me to breathe. Just wish the filters were not so expensive, but
    (Review by Sammy)
  3. Airfree P1000 Air Purifier
    Filterless Air Purifier.
    This air purifier does not have a filter and does not need one. There is no maintenance requirement which is important to me cause I can't remember to do it
    (Review by Wayne)
  4. Air Purifier and Surface Sanitizer
    Air Purifier & Surface Sanitizer.
    This Air Purifier & Surface Sanitizer destroys mold and bacteria in our kitchen. Fruit last longer in our home now and of course the air is easier to breathe. Love
    (Review by Adam)

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