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  1. Inogen One G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator System
    Excellent product.
    This is an excellent product and the service from vitality medical is also outstanding. I am very happy with the product and my purchase.
    (Review by ZPK)
  2. Inogen One G3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator
    I ordered the unit, and Vitality Medical were very professional with shipping in the shortest possible time and keepin me informed of the status of my oder. This is a
  3. Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator
    Freedom and Fun.
    We received our new SeQual Eclipse 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator System and we are loving it. We had rented one for our last vacation and it worked great, but we
    (Review by BJR711)
  4. Invacare Perfecto 2 Oxygen Concentrator 5 Liter
    Quiet .
    Used an older version, this one is easy to use. Fortunately I had one before and had all the tubing and connections already.
    (Review by Bill )

Concentrator Oxygen - Home Medical Oxygen Equipment & More!

Oxygen Concentrators

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    Oxygen concentrators are medical devices that concentrate the oxygen from ambient room air to supply individuals with an enriched oxygen gas mixture. There are two main styles of oxygen concentrators: stationary oxygen concentrators and portable oxygen concentrators.

    Home oxygen concentrators are designed to be more stationary, and deliver both continuous or pulse flow. Differently from home oxygen concentrators, portable oxygen concentrators are designed to be easily transported and generally only offer pulse flow.

    To get the most out of your oxygen therapy, we offer a wide selection of oxygen accessories, such as filters, humidification, oxygen tubing and more.

    Oxygen therapy becomes hassle-free and convenient with our wide selection of oxygen concentrators and oxygen related products. Peruse our oxygen categories and products today to find the most economical oxygen concentrators and supplies available on the market!

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    Oxygen Concentrators are used for oxygen therapy, medical oxygen and as a personal oxygen system. For patients who suffer from emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or other related respiratory ailments, an oxygen concentrator is an essential item of home medical equipment. Many oxygen patients’ very lives depend upon the support of their oxygen concentrator to meet their medical oxygen needs. Oxygen Concentrators are a part of standard oxygen therapy for continuous oxygen support in the home environment. Continuous oxygen is oxygen that flows to the respiratory patient without interruption, during both inhale and exhale cycles.

    Prescriptions from medical doctors often specify a certain amount of oxygen the patient is required to have in order to remain healthy. These prescriptions often are written in terms of liters per minute of oxygen flow or LPM. Many oxygen patients use an oxygen concentrator at night or also during the day if their condition merits. These oxygen concentrators are often referred to as Home Oxygen Concentrators or Stationary Oxygen Concentrators. Because of their large size and weight, these home oxygen concentrators are not considered portable outside of the patient's home. Although referred to as Stationary Oxygen Concentrators, almost all of these home concentrators have wheels to allow patients to move them from room to room. Many of these large O2 concentrators can also supply oxygen for up to 50 feet of oxygen tubing, allowing significant mobility to patients within their own home.

    Home Oxygen Concentrators provide 5 to 10 LPM of continuous oxygen flow. Patients can regulate the amount or flow of oxygen through a control on the oxygen machine. Since altitude can degrade the amount of oxygen that is being delivered to the patient, many oxygen concentrator manufacturers provide the option of adding an oxygen sensor on the oxygen machine to determine the actual output of oxygen being delivered to the patient.

    Vitality Medical carries the brands that are highly respected by medical caregivers, including AirSep, Invacare, Respironics, and Sequal. Some new manufacturers now developing medical oxygen include DeVilbiss and Nidek. These two manufacturers offer great pricing on their oxygen concentrators. Nidek manufactures their oxygen concentrators in the United States.

    When selecting an O2 concentrator for your medical needs, it is important to select the concentrator that matches the requirements specified by your doctor. If your prescription does not indicate a specified amount of oxygen in liters per minute, then a less expensive 5 Liter Concentrator should be adequate for your needs. If however, you prescription calls for 8 or 10 LPM, then you should select between one of the larger concentrators that have a greater capacity for oxygen production and flow. Vitality Medical carries oxygen machines in various sizes and outputs to meet the personal oxygen needs of most patients.