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Sport Wheelchairs

The Right Sport Wheelchairs can Make the Game

Just like with other wheelchairs if you don't have something that does what you need you'll run into performance problems. If you have a wheelchair that is too wide then you'll get jammed between competitors in team sports. If your sport wheelchair doesn't fit or work like you want it can really throw off your game. Having the right wheelchair can up your game above the competition. Selecting the right wheelchair is a lot like buying a new bike or car. It's a big investment so you want to be sure it's what you want and need. At the bottom of the page there is a lot of information to help you purchase the correct mobility aid.

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The Best Sport Wheelchair Should Have the Proper Configuration

  • While you're in the game moving in a rapidly changing environment you need to make sure your wheelchair is designed to be a part of you. A big part of this is the wheelchair seat height, center of gravity, balance and comfort.
  • All of these factors tie into each other to make a great sport wheelchair that will do what the sport demands. Picking a wheelchair that fits you can be a tradeoff between weight and customizability. Some all-purpose performance wheelchairs are more adjustable like the Crossfire Series by Invacare some of which have a lot of adjustment options and a high level of customizability.

Choose the Right chair for the Sport

  • Different sport wheelchairs are specifically designed for different sports. The Invacare Crossfire Series is not designed for specific sports but is made for high performance in a variety of situations. Sometimes a non-specific wheelchair is the ideal choice but other times it is not enough. People involved in the sport can give good advice about what is best for the game. They will usually have a lot of experience with which sport chairs will provide the best features for the game which can be very different.
  • There are different chairs for almost every sport so it is important to take the time to pick the right one. Tennis wheelchairs like the Invacare T-5 are lightweight, highly maneuverable and fast. Rugby wheelchairs on the other hand need side-guards to protect the legs while basketball wheelchairs have angled wheels to facilitate rapid turning and stopping like this Invacare Basketball Chair. Handcycles and racers are two other types of wheelchairs that can be used for long distance travel. Both are specifically designed to facilitate long distance travel and maximize performance to that end.

Choose the Chair that Will be a Part of You

  • You are comfortable with your arms in a sport. When you are in the zone they will talk with your brain flawlessly and let you know when something is going wrong or right. Your sport chair should be a part of you. It should communicate with your body and tell you when something is going wrong. If you're wearing an arm brace that's too tight or too loose it can mess up your game and your chair is no different. Making sure the chair is a part of you will ensure that your always playing at your best.
  • Part of taking ownership of a chair is forgetting that you're in it and knowing the game is all that matters. Sometimes that means getting a cushion that will keep you locked in place and comfortable. Other times that means strapping your legs together. Vitality Medical has the tools to make that happen.