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Oxygen Concentrator Expertise

By December 22, 2015 2408 Views

The Vitality Medical Difference: Expertise comes Standard with your Oxygen Concentrator

Whether low-cost shipping or promotional accessories, medical supply companies offer many incentives to portable and stationary concentrator customers.

However, there is one perk to ordering an oxygen concentrator from Vitality Medical: expertise. This is crucial, because oxygen concentrators are life-essential medical devices.

Vitality Medical team members must be internally certified to help oxygen concentrator customers -- even if it's simply to order an accessory like an external battery.

Certified Oxygen Concentrator Specialist Seal

Whenever you call about oxygen concentrators, you will be connected with an internally certified oxygen concentrator specialist. He or she will answer your questions such as: Can using DC power in your car affect the LPM equivalency of a portable oxygen concentrator?

Vitality Medical Certified Oxygen Concentrator Specialists can answer this because they've correctly answered it and 49 other oxygen concentrator-based questions in 35 minutes. Making certification even more difficult: The proctored exam must be passed with a 94% or better. What's more, each member must recertify every six months, because technology marches on and our product line keeps growing.

Why we do it:

Beyond our Lowest Price Guarantee, oxygen concentrator certification is precisely why Vitality Medical should be your first call. A certified specialist will work with you, your budget and your doctor's prescription to lead you to the perfect purchase.

O2 Concepts Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator SeQual eQuinox Portable Oxygen Concentrator

For example, if you have vision issues, our staff can guide you to the SeQual eQuinox, a portable oxygen concentrator with verbal indications/warnings. Are you a frequent flyer? A certified Vitality Medical Oxygen Concentrator Specialist will direct you to two models that fit under airplane seats. The Oxlife Independence can lay on its front or backside. The other, the Oxus Portable, can rest on its front or backsides, as well as lay on its side.

How we do it:

Guided by Vitality Medical president and registered nurse, Brad Packer, an internal oxygen concentrator committee reviews all stationary and portable concentrators. The cross-company team works with major manufacturers to obtain detailed information about oxygen therapysolutions.

The team takes this information, flags the competitive differences, and compiles them. They place the models into an interactive database so certified specialists can quickly sort oxygen therapy devices based on your input. This helps determine which device will make you happy and healthy for years to come.

  • Shopper's Tip: When you call us, have your prescription handy. This will enable a Vitality Medical Certified Oxygen Concentrator Specialist to promptly find the best machines that suit your medical needs. Then, you can discuss your lifestyle and day-to-day activities (whether gardening, volunteering, or caretaking) to get paired with the right machine.

Knowledge is Power: The Vitality Medical Edge

Vitality Medical's lead Oxygen Concentrator Specialist has compiled a wealth of comparison charts and collated independent oxygen studies. Culled directly from manufacturers and academic resources, these online materials are available 24/7 to help you shop and review oxygen therapy devices at your convenience.

Try Before You Buy: Vitality Medical's Rental Oxygen Concentrator Program

Home Oxygen Concentrator Line-up

In addition to establishing a stringent internal certification process, Vitality Medical has an oxygen therapy rental program. Run by highly experienced Vitality Medical Certified Oxygen Concentrator Specialists, the program makes oxygen concetrators available to more people.

Why rent? Perhaps you need simplicity because you are traveling across the country to a grandchild's graduation. Maybe you'd rather try before you buy, or need a short-term solution -- like renting a unit to take with you to the hospital.

Regardless of why you rent, rest easy because our rental program ensures you will receive uninterrupted, personalized attention and seamless logistics.

  • Shopper's Tip: While shopping for Oxygen Concentrators, consider the company's depth and breadth of oxygen therapy knowledge and service. These factors will streamline the initial purchase and simplify ownership. Vitality Medical takes these matters seriously; we believe that Oxygen Concentrator Certification is essential to the high-caliber service you expect from Vitality Medical.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, yes DC power does affect a portable oxygen concentrator's LPM. A car or RV's DC source may affect LPM equivalency because the vehicle's auxiliary power may not produce enough power for the oxygen concentrator to output the necessary LPM.

To a life full of Vitality!

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