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  1. Dale Tracheostomy Collar Tie
    Best collar on the market!.
    My husband has ALS. He had a tracheostomy almost 4 years ago. We've tried pretty much every trach collar on the market and like these Dale collars best - soft,
    (Review by Hal's Wife and Caregiver)
  2. Posey Foam Trach Collar Tie
    GREAT Trach Ties.
    I've had my trach since Dec. 2008. I didn't like the tie the hospital attached and told my sister what was wrong. She found the Posey Foam Trach Ties and
    (Review by bkm1956)
  3. Posey Foam Trach Collar Tie
    My order was quick and I love these collars for my trach. I have tried others that I disliked very much and was happy to find Posey available to me from your company..
    As above.
    (Review by Judy)
  4. Posey Foam Trach Collar Tie
    Great product, fair prices.
    (Review by suziq65722)

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Trach Collars


A trach collar is a medical device used to secure a trach tube in its position. In fact, a trach collar will secure a tube even during extreme coughing fits and spasms.

A tracheostomy collar is available in a variety of sizes. To ensure that you order the correct tracheal collar, measure the circumference of your neck and choose the correlating size.

Stabilizing a trach tube becomes hassle-free and convenient with a tracheal collar.

Tracheostomy collars are also referred to as trach ties. These trach ties come in a few styles so that there is a comfortable option for everyone. Choose from foam, cotton or neoprene trach collars and ties. See below for patient applications of these different trach collars.

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Tracheostomy Collar Ties Patient Application Tips

  • Some Ties Can be Trimmed to Size
  • Do Not Trim Velcro or Hook and Loop Fasteners
  • Monitor Collar to Prevent Dislodging
  • Change After Bathing
  • Do Not Wash Disposable Ties

Note: Information on our website is intended for customer convenience and is not a substitution for the direction of a physician.