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Stander Bed Rail | Stander Bed Rails - EZ Adjust - Assist a Tray - Bed Caddie - Car Caddie - Security Pole


Stander is a manufacturer of Mobility Aid products that help individuals struggling with age or disability. Stander Inc makes Bed Safety Rails, Travel Chairs, Grab Bars, Canes, Walkers, Bedroom Aids, Chair Furniture Aids and other products that assist individuals on a daily basis. Stander Incorporated is based in Logan, Utah. Many of Stander's products are designed to assist seniors to get in and out of beds or chairs safely. These Stander Company products are helpful in allowing older patients to maintain dignity and independence. Stander Safety Products are available in several different lengths or sizes and are adjustable to fit or adapt to individual needs. Vitality Medical carries many Stander products to help people remain mobile.

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Featured Stander Products

EZ Adjust Bed Rail


Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail is for use as both a bed rail to prevent falling and handrail assist in exiting the bed. Features an adjustable length from 25 to 40 inches. Learn More
Standers Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar


Security pole and pivoting grab bar with four different hand grips helps to prevent falls and provides assistance. Learn More
Standers Advantage Bed Assist Rail


Advantage Bed Assist Rail is constructed with durable, heavy-duty steel tubing and includes a safety strap to secure to the bed frame. Learn More
Safety Bed Rail 30 Inch


Stander 30 Inch Safety Bed Rail is designed to use with a home or hospital bed. This bed rail pivots out of the way to provide easy ingress or egress from the bed. Learn More
Standers Bed Cane Assist


Standers Bed Cane Assist helps people get in and out of bed. It provides a sturdy grip or had hold. Learn More
Standers Bed Caddie


Bed Caddie from Stander has a unique ladder-like design with 3 hand grips to make it easier to sit-up in bed. Learn More


CouchCane is a handle that aids individuals to transition from a sitting position to a standing position from a couch, chair or recliner. Learn More
Recliner Lever Extender


Standers Recliner Lever Extender is an extension handle for recliners that places the leg rest control within easy reach. Learn More
Standers Car Caddie


CarCaddie offers a helping hand in or out of a car, van or truck. Learn More
Curve Grab Bar


Curve Grab Bar helps individuals with a loss of mobility or strength to transition from a sitting position to a standing position. Learn More

Other Top Selling Stander Products

Stander Stable Bed Assist Rail


Stander 5800 Stable Bed Rail has support legs that extend to the floor for increased stability. Learn More
Metro Walker


Metro Walker is the most compact, portable, easiest open-and-close Walker ever invented. The Metro Walker is a space saving ambulatory walker for individuals requiring greater stability while walking. Learn More
Assist A Tray


Assist A Tray is a dual purpose Chair-Side Table and Assist Grab Bar that provides sturdy support. Learn More
Stander Bedside EconoRail


Bedside Econo Rail is an affordable Assist Rail made by Stander for hospital or standard beds to help people transition in and out of bed safely. Learn More
Metro Car Handle Plus


Metro car handles by Stander are simple to use mobility aids. These car handles are universal. They work on any car door easily. Get the leverage you need to leave your car easily. Learn More
Recliner Riser


Recliner Riser attaches to the wooden base of a recliner to effectively raise the recliner by 4 to 6 inches in height while actually only raising the chair 1-3/4 inches. Learn More
Stander Mobility Bed Rail


Mobility Bed Rail is manufactured by Stander to provide additional stability for mobility patients. This Bed Rail features a swing out mobility arm that pivots to provide support where support is needed. Learn More
LifeStrength Wristband Ion Bracelet

Life strength wrist bands are negatively charged magnetic bracelets that have been scientifically proven to increase oxygen flow to the brain. Ion Bracelets improve brain and body function. Learn More
Mr. Big Travel Chair

The Most Portable Bariatric Chair On The Market! Static Weight Tested To 1400 Lbs, Can Safely Hold 800 Lbs. Includes Removable Head And Foot Rests. Comes With Dual Shoulder St Learn More
Standers Furniture Riser


Make standing or sitting from a couch or bed easy. Learn More
Independence Bed Table


Independence Bed Tables manufactured by Stander are bedside tables that double as a bed safety rail. The table can be maneuvered so that it is out of the way or it can be positioned over the bed. Learn More
Stander Cane


Walking Cane from Stander absorbs shock with its spring loaded tip. Learn More
Standers Childrens Bed Rail with Kids Sports Pouch - DISCONTINUED BY MANUFACTURER

Standers Childrens Bed Rail with Kids Sports Pouch is a portable bed rail with free organizer. Learn More