Respiratory Therapy

Respiratory Therapy includes nearly everything you could use to maintain healthy respiration and enhance routine Respiratory Therapy procedures. We carry quality respiratory products from oxygen tubing and air masks, to CPAP machines, Oxygen Concentrators and Nebulizers. Our products are designed for either personal use or for hospitals and clinics. Whatever Respiratory Therapy needs you have, get incredible prices at Vitality Medical.

Respiratory Therapy Patient Applications: Use CPAP Machines for: monitoring sleep patterns, opening airways with air pressure, keeping a record of therapy progress, adjusting the patient's breathing during sleep. Use Oxygen Concentrators for: keeping blood oxygen levels stable, treating symptoms of COPD and emphysema, stabilizing oxygen levels while sleeping, use in conjunction with nebulizers. Use Nebulizers/Compressors for: delivering medication to the lungs, moistening the lungs and air passageways, treating asthma and COPD, deep lung therapy.

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