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Posey Company Products | Posey Hand, Wrist, Ankle, Restraints - Posey Gait Belts - Posey Alarms - Posey Trach Ties and More!


Posey is one of the oldest manufacturers of medical restraints. Posey has a strong reputation for the Posey Restraint Systems, the Posey Bed Safety Rail, the Posey Bed Side Rail Protector, the Posey Medical Alarm, the Posey Gait Transfer Belt, the Posey Tracheostomy Care Products, the Posey Medical Cushion, the Posey Fall Protection products, and the Posey Urine Leg Bag. Posey Products date back to 1937. Posey has a large assortment of Medical Alarms, including Posey Personal Medical Alarms, Posey Room Alarm Systems, Posey Bed Alarms & Bedside Alarms, Posey Wheelchair Alarms, Posey Bathroom Alarms, and Posey Wander Alarm. Posey manufactures an assortment of Medical Alarm Sensors and other Medical Alarm Accessories for their Medical Alarms. Posey also has a large assortment of Restraints, including Posey Institutional Restraints, Posey Seating Restraints, Posey Wrist - Ankle & Hand Restraints, Posey Vest Restraints and other Fall Protection medical supplies. Posey also manufactures Restraint Alternatives for special restraint requirements. With medical restraints it's important to know that the patient will be safe and comfortable. Posey manufactures humane restraints used to protect patients from injuries. There are several types of Posey Restraints including Soft Belts, Limb Holders and Leather Cuffs. Vitality Medical is proud to sell Posey Company Products on our web site.

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Featured Posey Products

Posey Foam Trach Collar Tie


Made from high quality non-slip foam for comfort. The Posey Foam Trach Ties are designed to help prevent removal, extubation, and decannulation during severe coughing spasms. Learn More
Posey Gait Belt Transfer Belts in Assorted Patterns


Posey Gait Belts are the perfect solution for patients/residents requiring ambulation assistance. Constructed of sturdy cotton, these Gait Belts help prevent caregiver back i Learn More
External Condom Catheter Sheath Holder by Posey


Incontinent Sheath Holder for external catheters and condom catheters by Posey is made of foam and comes with a Velcro closure. Learn More
Posey Economy Transfer Belt


The Posey Economy Transfer Belt helps prevent caregiver back injuries and assists in the safe transfer or ambulation of patients. The durable nylon belt has six handles to pr Learn More
Posey Deluxe Quilted Limb Holders


These Deluxe Quilted Limb Holders work as both ankle or wrist restraints and provides comfort and security for patients. The limb holders secure with hook, loop, and buckle. Learn More
Posey Finger Control Mitts


Helps lessen contractures and prevent patient from picking, scratching or interfering with IV or catheter. Fingers are seperated for maximum finger control. The palm of each Learn More
Posey Soft Belt


May be used in wheelchair or bed. Perfect for patients who are at risk for forward sliding or require assistance with ambulation. Ties may be secured around back of wheelchair Learn More
Grip Handles for Posey Gait Belts


Posey Grip Handles are made to upgrade existing Gait Belts with a vertical hand grip that is stronger and provides better support when assisting patients. Learn More
Posey Personal Alarm 8202L


Posey Personal Alarm 8202L Learn More

Other Top Selling Posey Products

Fall Management Socks


Fall Management Socks are designed by Posey for medical patients requiring non slip footwear to help prevent falls. These Posey Non Skid Socks are constructed of soft terry cloth with skid resistant rubber treads on both sides of the sock. Learn More
Posey Fall Management Slippers


Fall Management Slippers are designed by Posey for medical patients requiring non skid footwear to help prevent falls. These Posey Non Skid Slippers are constructed of soft terry cloth uppers and with latex free rubber soles. Learn More
Posey SkinSleeves™ Protector


Posey SkinSleeves are available in large, medium and small sizes, gel padded available per request. Made of soft cotton and Lycra for a comfortable fit. SkinSleeves are availa Learn More
Posey Universal Cuff and Belt Key


This Replacement Key fits all Posey Key-Lock Cuffs and Belts. It is strong and durable and easily fits on the caregiver's key chain. Learn More
Posey Ergonomic Walking Belt


The Posey Ergonomic Walking Belts is constructed of durable, heavy cotton with plastic handles on each side and a rear cotton handle to provide a firm grip for attendants on e Learn More
Posey Quick-Release Twice-as-Tough™ Cuffs


Now easier and faster to use than Posey's standard T-A-T cuffs. Metal D-rings on the cuffs and connecting straps have been replaced with high performance quick-release buckle Learn More
Posey SR Wrap-Around


Helps in positioning patient and reduce sliding. The hook and loop closure belt my be positioned in front of the patient for quick self-release or in the back for assisted re Learn More
Heel Elbow Protectors with Inserts


Knitted Heel and Elbow protectors are slip on protectors for the heels and elbows that are designed to reduce the occurrence of pressure sores on heels or elbows, with a foam or gel insert. Learn More
Posey Torso Support


Designed for patients in need of upper torso support. The Torso Support helps prevent tilting, leaning and forward sliding. It is self-releasing and provides soft, broad sup Learn More
Posey Bed Alarm Sensor Over Mattress Sensor 6 Month


Posey Bed Alarm Over-Mattress Sensor is used to detect patients exiting their bed who are under fall management care. Learn More
Posey Pulse Oximeter Probe Wrap


Used to secure many styles of flexible optical transducers and probe sensors without adhesive tape. The Probe Wrap holds the optical components firmly to help prevent misalig Learn More
Foot Elevator


Posey Foot Elevator has a spiral-cut foam ring that provides foot elevation and soft comfort. This foot elevation device helps to eliminate pressure on the foot or ankle while the individual is in bed or reclining. Learn More
Posey Community Hipsters Womens Brief


This Safety Brief for women offers effective protection from hip fractures and the look of regular, day-to-day panties. Manufactured by Posey, they include viscoelastic foam pads that absorb the impact from falls and reduce the risk of injury. Several features work together to increase patient compliance with this Hipsters Brief. The pads rest low on the hips for a discreet look that is virtually unnoticeable under outer clothing, and the softness of the hip pads also makes the briefs more comfortable to wear. Learn More
Sensor Pad Square for Chair Alarm


Chair Sensor Pad from Posey fits chairs and wheelchairs and is compatible with the Posey KeepSafe® Deluxe, KeepSafe®, Sitter Elite® and Sitter Select® alarms. Learn More
Posey Connecting Straps/Belts with Key Lock or Roller Buckles


Posey Restraint Connecting Straps/Belts with Key Lock or Roller Buckles are versatile Connecting Straps and Belts that may be used in almost unlimited applications to secure Posey Leather, Synthetic Leather, Biothane, and E.D. Security Cuffs. Learn More
Catheter Holder


Catheter Holder Learn More
Posey Heel Pillows


KeepSafe Fall Prevention Monitor Alarm


Posey KeepSafe Alarm System is an electronic fall monitoring system designed to help patients prevent fall injuries where continuous surveillance of the patient is not possibl Learn More
Posey Hipsters Standard Brief


Posey Hipsters Briefs have specially-designed foam pads in the hip areas that protect the wearer in the event of a fall. The pads in these Safety Briefs are made from a high impact-absorbing foam that is soft and comfortable, and they have a low profile for an extra discreet look. Posey Safety Briefs are available with sewn-in pads or with removable pads that make them the pads easy to replace without having to replace the entire brief. Both brief styles can be washed in washing machines, and for briefs with removable pads, the pads can be removed and washed separately. Learn More
Posey Soft Rails


Soft Rails help prevent patients from falling or rolling out of bed, and they can also be used as a Positioning Device. Manufactured by Posey, these Rail Protectors connect to the bed with quick-release buckle straps. They allow sufficient space for patient comfort and can be easily positioned to accommodate individual resident needs. These Safety Rails use a foundation mat that secures to the moveable part of the bed. The bolster rails then attach to the top of the mat with hook and loop fasteners. This allows the rails to be easily adjusted without having to move the foundation mat. Learn More
Posey Sure-Step Cushioned Bath Mat


Manufactured by Posey, these Bathroom Safety Mats create a cushioned, non-skid floor surface that increases the safety of bathrooms and reduces the risk of falling. The mats can be cut to fit in or around any toilet, sink, shower or tub area. They are available in four length options for optimal coverage. These Safety Mats are easy to clean by either hosing them down or wiping them with a damp cloth. They help to protect the areas where individuals are most likely to fall and where they are most likely to sustain more serious injury. Learn More
Posey KeepSafe Deluxe Alarm System with Over Mattress Bed Sensor 8374OM


KeepSafe Deluxe Over-Mattress Bed System (POS8374OM) includes the KeepSafe Deluxe Alarm Control Unit, 4 "AAA" batteries, wire bracket, saddle bracket, wall/wheelchai Learn More
Cufflator Endotracheal Trach Tube Inflator and Manometer


Posey Cufflator Endotracheal Tube Inflator and Manometer is a durable, dependable, accurate, and easy to use tracheal cuff inflator and manometer. The Posey Cufflator eliminates the need for syringes. Learn More
KeepSafe Deluxe Fall Monitor Alarm


Posey KeepSafe Deluxe Monitor Alarm 8374 is used to help reduce fall management patient risk to fall injuries. Learn More
Posey Sitter Select Alarm System 8361


Designed to meet the changing needs of healthcare facilities and home care providers, the Posey Sitter Select Alarm can easily be switched from a sensor monitor system to a &q Learn More
Posey Hearing Enhancer


Looking for a discrete way to improve your hearing? Meet the New Posey Hearing Enhancer. This is the first year that the Hearing Enhancer has been available, but get ready for Learn More
Posey Floor Cushions


These Floor Cushions will effectively absorb 85% of the impact from a fall. They are made from a shock-absorbent EVA foam that is tested according to ASTM standards for its Fall Protection performance. Each Fall Protection Mat has three segments that fold up for compact storage when the mats are not in use. A convenient carrying handle makes them easy to move. Posey manufactures these floor cushions with non-skid bottoms that prevent them from slipping when stepped on, and they have a low profile that makes it easy for patients to step on and off. Learn More
Posey Palm Cones


Wireless Nurse Call Personal Pager


Nurse call systems by Posey are wireless paging systems that work using a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter is a pendant that the patient can wear around their neck to summon the caregiver when needed. Learn More
Posey Hipsters Standard Brief with High Durability Pads


Hipsters Briefs protect individuals with a high risk of falling from broken hips and other hip injuries. Manufactured by Posey, these comfortable undergarments include specially designed pads centered on the hip bones that protect the wearer in the event of a fall. These Safety Briefs are available in two styles, briefs with sewn-in pads and briefs with removable pads. Garments with removable pads provide an economic option to replace the pads without having to replace the entire garment. Both styles include extra-durable pads made of a special foam called Poron, a high performance cushioning material designed to withstand higher laundering temperatures than standard foam. Learn More
Posey Non-Locking Twice as Tough Nylon Cuffs


These Twice as Tough ankle and wrist restraint cuffs attach with easy-to-apply D-rings. The wrist cuff has double connecting straps for greatest limitation of movement. Cuff Learn More
Posey Elastic Mesh Side Rail Protectors


Using easy to apply elastic mesh, side rails can be easily covered to deter bed exit and to reduce the risk of side rail entrapment. A one-piece design covers rails on either Learn More
Posey Roll Guard


Roll Guard Pillows by Posey provide an effective and easy-to-use alternative to bed rails for individuals at risk to roll out of bed. These Fall Prevention Pillows attach with quick-release buckles that allow for easy installation and repositioning. Pillows are available in two types of cover material, vinyl or brushed polyester. Vinyl covers on these Safety Pillows can be removed and wiped clean with liquid disinfectants. Polyester covers can also be removed, and they are machine washable. Both cover types can be purchased separately for replacement. Learn More
Posey Roll Belt


Posey Roll Belt Product Use: Patients at risk for falls or those requiring a restraint for medical treatment. Learn More
Posey Chair Alarm Wheelchair Belt Sensor Seatbelt Design 8360


Posey Chair Alarm - Chair Belt Sensor 8360 Learn More
Posey Door Guard Alarm System 8205


Posey Door Guard Alarm System 8205 Learn More
Posey Hipsters Incontinent Brief


These Safety Briefs help protect individuals from hip injuries in the event of a fall. They include a snap button closure in the front that makes them easy to apply or remove over incontinence pads or briefs that a patient might be wearing. Posey manufactures these briefs with removable hip pads. This makes it easy to launder the pads or replace them separately from the briefs. Hip pads are made from a viscoelastic foam that effectively absorbs the force of impact. The pads also have a low profile that makes them virtually undetectable under outer clothing. Learn More
Posey Drainage Bag Straps - Leg Bag Straps


Posey Drainage Bag Straps are a great help to patients using drainage bags. These foam straps are soft and non-slip and will comfortably hold any drainage bag on the leg. One size fits all. Learn More
Quick Drying Water Socks


Water socks by Posey are quick dry socks designed with a mesh top and non-slip surface on the bottom for use as pool socks, shower socks, swim socks and quick drying socks. Learn More