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Low Hospital Bed is used for patients who have difficulty getting in and out of higher beds. Low hospital beds are much closer to the floor to make getting in and out of bed much easier for patients. Low hospital beds may also be used for patients who have a tendency to fall out of bed. Falls from a lower bed are less likely to cause bodily harm.

For dual functionality, you may try a high low bed. These have the ability to be lowered to a safe height for transfers and for fall protection, but they can also be raised to a height that is more comfortable for health care staff and caregivers to assist. Low hospital beds are available in full-electric and semi-electric hospital bed models which allow bed height to be adjusted with the touch of a button. Convenient and safe, these low hospital beds help provide the be patient care available.

Primus Medical, Invacare and Drive Medical are industry leaders in hospital beds. These manufactures produce durable, safe and comfortable low hospital beds for exceptional patient care.

Best Features

Primus PrimePlus 750 Pound High Capacity Expansion Bed

  • Adjustable widths 39", 42" or 48"
  • Adjustable lengths 80" & 84"


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Best Selling

Invacare Full Electric Low Hospital Bed 5410LOW - Bundle

  • Made in USA
  • Low Position 9.5"


Best Value

Primus PrimeCare Low Hospital Bed

  • Low Position 6-7/8"
  • Adjustable lengths & widths


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Low Hospital Bed Featured Patient Indications

  • Easier Mobility in and out of Low Beds
  • Less Risk of Harm from Falls
  • Sturdy and Comfortable Patient Care
  • Greater Versatility for Transferring

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