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  1. Theraffin Paraffin Wax Beads Replacement
    Also good for skin!.
    As a therapist I am very much aware of the benefits of paraffin wax. Not only it is to relieve pain but also to have smooth skin. I use this
    (Review by Louise)
  2. Bed Buddy Reusable Hot or Cold Body Wrap
    stays put well.
    I like this heat wrap, because it's unique shape helps it to stay in place really well. I don't have to keep adjusting it, like I would a regular hot
    (Review by Harold)
  3. Elasto-Gel Hot Cold Packs, Wraps, and Rolls
    like it.
    I got the knee wrap. It is really good, because the gel is more comfortable to wear than an ice pack.
    (Review by Kevin)
  4. Shea Butter by Bon Vital
    keeps skin healthy.
    When you have dry, working hands it takes quite a bit to prevent the skin from cracking. African Shea Butter keeps my hands really healthy.
    (Review by Nathan)

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