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  1. Prossage Heat
    Cured my neck tension.
    Was introduced to this product by my massage therapist. I was using bio freeze in the past but Prossage is absolutely the best product for the issues I have with
    (Review by Votrevubymelissayvonne )
  2. Electronic Muscle Stimulator EMS DIGITAL with Timer and Carrying Case
    EMS Digital .
    Very satisfied with the product for very good it's nice because it's small in a case convenient to carry around with you and it works great.
    (Review by Percy )
  3. Heated Seat Cushion
    Heated Bench Seat.
    Going to games at night during the cooler part of the season is no longer a dread. Those cold bench seats are now warm and toasty. Just keep your paws
    (Review by Sporty Spice 2)
  4. Uni-Patch Re-Ply Electrodes
    received my patches like WOW! quickly..
    Having a bad back for years I had put my Tens away for a few years. Now I will try again and perhaps use several times a day. Haven't really
    (Review by Sally)

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