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  1. Black Foam Roller
    Good Product, shipping was an issue.
    We love the foam rollers but were a bit disappointed when our order was late due to getting someone else's order by mistake and had to wait 5 more days
    (Review by Teri Akers)
  2. EMS 2000 Electrical Muscle Stimulater
    Bought it 5 years ago for some physic. Put it away in a drawer and forgot to take out the battery. Recently "found" it again and decided to use. Amazed
    (Review by GEORGE)
  3. Day-Light Sky Light Therapy Lamps by UpLift Technologies
    Desk SunLight.
    This is the best natural light for your desk on the market. It is large enough to do the job but not too big to be bothersome.
    (Review by Sam I AM)
  4. Bodymed Dual Channel Interferential Unit, with AC Adapter
    Great product and service ..
    Rapid delivery, great price and great product. The only issue is that the directions don't say how to set the parameters for use. You need to educate yourself on how
    (Review by Dave)

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