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  1. DVT Leg Pump by Bio Compression
    Deep Vein Thrombosis Treatment.
    This Bio Compression Pump provides intermittent pneumatic compression to foot sleeves are have a polyester liner. It is so easy to clean and care for and disposable when the patient
    (Review by Thomas)
  2. Huntleigh Flowtron Excel DVT Pump
    Flowtron Excel DVT Pump review.
    Since I've been diagnosed with vein thrombosis, I have been in this kind of therapy. At first, I just go to a hospital to use their system. But then my
    (Review by Shonda)
  3. Huntleigh Flowtron Excel DVT Pump
    The Blood Flows with DVT Pump Review.
    Since I became stuck to my bed for a long period of time my legs started hurting. When the doctor said that the blood was not flowing he recommended this
    (Review by Donna)

DVT Pumps | DVT Compression - DVT Therapy - KCI Plexipulse - Huntleigh Flowtron & More!

DVT Pumps


DVT Pumps are compression pumps designed to prevent people from getting deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which can be a life-threatening event. DVT Pumps work in such a way as to deliver the proper compression, so that blood within the arteries does no clot. Those who are especially susceptible are people who recently had surgery or who are immobile or sedentary throughout the day. Vitality Medical offers a range of different DVT pumps as a valuable resource for individuals and health care workers to avoid the effects of deep vein thrombosis.

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DVT Pumps Patient Applications.

  • Preventing blood clots in the vein.
  • Providing adequate leg compression to stimulate proper circulation.
  • Preventing deep vein thrombosis and possible life threatening embolism.