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Aircast Venaflow Elite System | DVT Pump

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Aircast VenaFlow Elite System provides prophylaxis for deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and venous thromboembolism (VTE). This pneumatic DVT compression pump provides pressure through tubing to cuffs worn on the leg or foot to stimulate blood circulation. Manufactured by DJO, the VenaFlow machine combines two technologies, rapid inflation and graduated sequential compression. This combination of therapies works to mimic ambulation and improve venous blood flow. Click this link for more information about Compression Therapies.


   DJO Aircast VenaFlow Elite System Profile

Aircast VenaFlow Elite System Profile


Medical studies show that there is a "low rate of mortality and pulmonary embolism when using mechanical prophylaxis for thromboembolism... [F]indings show that the use of rapid inflation, asymmetrical calf compression gave a significantly lower rate of thromboembolism. 1 "The use of elliptical, sequential and rapid-filling compression of the leg with overlapping air-cells produces significant hemodynamic changes in the common femoral vein, which are superior to other sequential slow- or radid-filling IPC devices."2


"The findings suggest that inflation rate plays an important role in the modulation of distant microcirculation induced by intermittent pneumatic compression whereas peak‐pressure duration does not significantly influence the vasodilatory effects of the compression. This may be due to the fact that rapid inflation produces a significant increase in shear stress on the vascular wall, which stimulates vascular endothelium to release nitric oxide, causing systemic vasodilation."3


How Serious is DVT and VTE?

Thrombosis can lead to blood clots. When blood clots traverse the circulatory system, they can stop blood from reaching the lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism. Pulmonary Embolism (PE) may result in a fatal condition. Clots can also damage the valves in the veins, causing post-thrombotic syndrome. DVT and VTE are major public health concerns.


Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is a common medical condition comprising deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE). VTE is of particular importance in hospital settings since more than half the cases of VTE are accounted for by institutionalization, with 24 percent of the cases attributable to hospitalization for surgery. In the absence of prophylaxis, the incidence of objectively confirmed, hospital-acquired DVT ranges from 10 to 40 percent in the medical and general surgical population to as high as 40 to 60 percent in patients who have undergone orthopedic surgery. Furthermore, in patients who have undergone major orthopedic surgery, the mortality rate due to VTE can be as high as 5 percent, underscoring the very high-risk nature of this population. Recent estimates for the incidence of VTE in the United States suggest that VTE occurs, for the first time, in 100 to 120 of every 100,000 (~0.1%) of the population yearly.4

Pulmonary Embolism

The DJO VenaFlow Machine not only increases venous blood flow but also enhances fibrinolysis. Fibrinolysis is the enzymatic breakdown of fibrin in blood clots. It prevents the accumulation of intravascular fibrin to enable normal blood circulation.

The small size and lightweight VenaFlow System makes it easy to take with you when you travel. Your compression therapy does not need to be interrupted while traveling or on vacation. The device is easy to set up and use. An attached telescoping bed hanger makes it easy to place on the footboard of most beds.

The VenaFlow Elite comes with automatic cuff detection and does not require any programming by the user. Just slip on the foot cuff when needed or use the thigh cuff. The VenaFlow will sense which attached compression garment is active and operate accordingly. The compressor detects the type of cuff and the pressure adjusts automatically. The device has preset alarms and compression pressures to make adjustments irrelevant. This feature means you can apply therapy where needed at any given time and not have to remember which settings you need to make. The VenaFlow will do that for you.

VenaFlow Compression Cuffs

The VenaFlow Elite is a universal DVT compression pump that accommodates foot, calf, and thigh cuffs. The cuffs are breathable and comfortable to enhance the user’s experience and help stimulate compliance. These cuffs have an asymmetric design in which a small bladder in one section of the garment is at the back of the limb. The bladder extends along the length of the garment but not to its entire circumference. This cuff design allows for inflation of the bladder to act against the non-stretching material around the rest of the limb and thereby provides compression along the whole surface.


Sequential Compression Cuffs

Sequential Compression Cuffs


The compression garment cuffs feature Aircast’s exclusive Duplex Air Cell System of two overlapping and seamless air cells. This design applies targeted compression to the deep veins and sinuses, maximizing peak blood velocity, and total circulatory flow. The VenaFlow Elite calf cuffs apply focused compression to the anterior and posterior portion of the calf to effectively empty the veins and augment peak venous velocity. The cuff design provides graduated sequential compression, which increases venous flow by inflating the distal air cell first and then the proximal second, thus mimicking the blood circuit during normal ambulation. Aircast also manufactures the VenaPro Portable DVT Leg Compression Device.




Product Components

  • Compression Pump
  • AC Power Cord
  • Internal Battery
  • Tube Assembly
  • User Instructions
  • Foot, Calf, and Thigh Cuffs Sold Separately


Aircast VenaFlow Elite System Features and Benfits

Product Anatomy


Features & Benefits

  • All-in-One System
  • Low Profile
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Use
  • Easy to Transport
  • Easy-to-Read Graphical Display
  • Rapid Inflation
  • Compliance Counter
  • Telescoping Bed Hanger
  • Automatic Cuff Detection
  • Easy to Store
  • Provides Graduated/Sequential Compression
  • Monitor Daily Usage
  • Adapts to All Bed Shapes
  • Visual Alarms
  • Audio Alarms
  • Low-Profile, Lightweight Design for Easy Storage and Transportation
  • Compliance Alarm Available for Patient Monitoring
  • Telescoping Bed Hanger Extends up to 3.5 Inches and Accommodates Most Beds
  • Battery Installed Units Are Available Upon Request
  • Automatic Cuff Detection Identifies and Adjusts Pressure Based on Cuff Configuration Attached
  • Preset Pressures and Alarms Eliminate the Need for Adjustments
  • Soft, Breathable Cuffs Are Comfortable and Promote Patient Compliance
  • Asymmetric Compression
  • Universal Pump Design Accommodates Foot, Calf, and Thigh Garments
  • Increases Venous and Lymphatic Flow
  • Mimics Ambulation to Prevent DVT


Product Dimensions

Product Profile


Product Specifications

  • Product Number: 30B-SB
  • Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 5 Inches
  • Weight: 9 Pounds
  • Therapy Modes: Graduated/Sequential
  • Sleeve Compatibility: Foot, Calf, Thigh
  • Latex-Free Cuffs
  • HCPCS Codes: E0652, A4600


Product Indications

  • Prophylaxis for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • VenaFlow Elite System is to be used only with Aircast VenaFlow Elite Compression Cuffs
  • Battery operation use only with DJO LLC battery packs


Product Contraindications

  • Active Infection
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Extreme Deformity of the Leg
  • Gangrene on the Leg
  • Pulmonary Edema
  • Recent Skin Grafts
  • Severe Arteriosclerosis
  • Severe Congestive Heart Failure
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • Vein Ligation
  • Do not use on extremities which are not sensitive to pain



  • The design of the VenaFlow Elite calf cuffs is for single patient use only.
  • Risk of explosion if used in the presence of flammable anesthetics.
  • Do not use the system adjacent to or stacked with other equipment. If adjacent or stacked use is necessary, maintain observation to verify safe operation.
  • Medical electrical equipment needs special precautions regarding EMC. Portable and mobile RF communications equipment may affect other medical electrical devices.
  • Cuffs used in combination with warming devices may cause skin irritation. Regularly check for patient comfort, compliance, and skin irritation.
  • Give special attention to patients with neuropathies or tissue viability problems; namely, diabetes and arterial or venous deficiencies.
  • Give special attention to patients positioned in the supine lithotomy position for extended lengths of time to prevent extremity compartment syndrome. This close attention includes patients with or without compression cuffs.
  • If the user experiences pain, swelling, sensation changes, or any unusual reactions while using this device, consult your medical professional immediately.


DVT Compression Pump Set-Up

  1. Press the bed hanger release button on the back of the device and gently pull out the bed hanger to the desired width.
  2. Connect the tubing to the device.
  3. Plug the device into an electrical outlet.
  4. Once powered on, the VenaFlow Elite System will default to the dual leg operation mode. For single-leg use, push the single-leg operation button during the first three minutes after powering on the device. The compression pump will alarm if single or dual is not set correctly.

Tubing Connection



Set Up


Compression and Cycles

  • Press ON/OFF/RESET button.
  • Cuff inflation alternates between the two legs every 30 seconds.
  • The distal air cell inflates first, and the proximal air cell follows.
  • Pressures settle at 45 mmHg ± 15% (Foot Cuff peak ~130 mmHg).
  • After six seconds, the cuff deflates.


Cuff Application

  1. The VenaFlow Elite System will automatically detect the cuff attached to the device and apply appropriate pressures.
  2. Be sure to secure cuff straps for a close but comfortable fit. Do not over-tighten.
  3. When using the calf cuff or thigh cuff, rotation of the air cell on the leg does not affect the performance of the system.
  4. For varied patient sizes, trim for proper, snug fit. Apply cuff snugly with the tube pointed toward the foot.
  5. The air cell orientation is to the patient’s preference (posterior, lateral, anterior, or medial).
  6. Apply foot cuff snugly with the air cell centered on the bottom of the foot and with the tube pointed to the left.
  7. Click the following link for additional information about VenaFlow Elite Cuffs.

Cuff Application


Cleaning Instructions

The tube assembly is reusable. Both the device case and the tube assembly can be cleaned with mild soap solution, antiseptic, or disinfectant wipes. Avoid excessive fluids over the top of the system. Do not submerge.




Manufacturer Warranty

DJO will repair or replace all or part of the system for material or workmanship defects for three years from the date of sale. For disposable cuff purchases: DJO will repair or replace all or part of the cuffs, tube units, and battery packs for material or workmanship defects, not including normal depreciation of battery life or charge capacity, for a period of six months from the date of sale.


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Medical Studies




Manuals and Documents


  • pdf logo    Brochure contains product highlights, features, and benefits.
  • pdf logo    FDA Letter regarding approval for indications for use.



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Additional Information

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