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  1. VERILUX HappyLight 6000 Energy Lamp Natural Light Therapy
    Office Sun Lamp.
    I find this a great addition at the office. I was the first one to use one at the office. Now nearly half the office has one or a similar
    (Review by MustardSeed)
  2. Prossage Heat
    Cured my neck tension.
    Was introduced to this product by my massage therapist. I was using bio freeze in the past but Prossage is absolutely the best product for the issues I have with
    (Review by Votrevubymelissayvonne )
  3. ThermaZone Pain Relief Pad Accessories and Replacement Parts
    Thermal Therapy in Kits.
    Recommend buying a ThermaZone Kit. If you have leg problems get the entire leg kit instead of just the knee wrap. If you have shoulder or arm problem, get the
    (Review by Randel)
  4. Heat Wrap Neck & Shoulder
    Heat Wrap Neck & Shoulder.
    Love the warmth and comfort this heat wrap offers. It helps my achy shoulders feel so much better.
    (Review by Annabelle)

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