Collagen Dressings — Promogran, SkinTemp, Nugel, Fibracol Dressing

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  1. SilvaKollagen Silver Collagen Wound Barrier Gel
    Good combination of Silver and Collagen to heal wounds and fight off infection. Wish the silver was a bit cheaper though. When its my health, I want the best.
    (Review by Will)
  2. PROMOGRAN PRISMA Matrix Dressing
    Keeps the bacteria away..
    This product is amazing. A day after I changed my usual dressing to this one, there was a noticeable change in my wound. It healed pretty fast maybe because of
    (Review by Jasmine)
  3. Dermacol Collagen Matrix Dressing
    Dermacol Collagen Dressing for chronic wounds that resist healing.
    Dermacol Dressing combines collagen and sodium alginate for a superior healing environment that my father needed to get the real healing process going. Because of his age, the other dressings
    (Review by Cindy)
  4. Biobrane Biosynthetic Silicone Film Dressing
    Biobrane Biosynthetic Dressing great for healing burns.
    Biobrane is a bit pricey but is very effective for burn wound healing. It serves a temporary skin for burn wounds while providing collagen to promote healing.
    (Review by Willard)

Collagen Dressings — Promogran, SkinTemp, Nugel, Fibracol Dressing & More!

Collagen Dressings


Collagen Dressings including Promogran dressings, SkinTemp, Nugel, Fibracol dressing, Collagen dressing, wound gel, Fibracol wound dressing and Prisma collagen dressing. Collagen dressings are used to help moderate to heavy exuding wounds heal. collagen dressings promote healing by keeping the wound moist while absorbing exudate. Versatile and absorbent, Collagen dressings can be cut to fit the wound. Some collagen dressings are available as ropes for packing deep wounds. Our Collagen selections includes Johnson & Johnson's popular Promogran dressing.

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