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Bard Medical | CR Bard Medical Supplies - Bard Catheters - Bard Urology - Foley Silicone Catheters - Drainage Bags - Leg Bags - Cunningham Clamps & More!


Bard Medical is a worldwide leader in urinary management and is globally recognized for its tradition of quality, its commitment to clinical research and breakthrough products that advance the delivery of health care. Vitality Medical distributes a variety of Bard Medical Products that range from Bard Urinary Supplies, Bard Feeding Tube Supplies, Bard Skin Care, Bard Catheters and more.

Best selling products from Bard Medical include Bard Drainage Bags, Bard Caths and the Bard Incontinence Clamps.

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Featured Bard Products

Cunningham Clamp by BARD


The Cunningham Penile Clamp is an effective device to help control male urinary incontinence. This simple male incontinence product/device has helped thousands of men cope wit Learn More
Dispoz-A-Bag Drainable Leg Bag by Bard


May be connected to McGuire style urinal, Bardic Uro Sheath, and most other urinary appliances. Lightweight, odor-proof, heavy gauge material. Anti-reflux valve reduces risk o Learn More
Bard Bedside Drainage Bag


Features anti-reflux valve, vented drip chamber, urine sample port on catheter connector tubing. Bard's Urine Drainage bags feature a rounded, teardrop shape that ensures more Learn More
Red Rubber Urethral Catheters


Red Rubber Urethral Catheters are intermittent catheters designed for multiple uses. Use Bard urethral catheters as a Robinson or Nelton catheter. The red rubber catheter has opposing duel eyes, sterile. 277708, 277710, 277712, 277714, 277716, 277718, 277720. Learn More
Catheter Extension Tubes by Bard


To attach foley or external catheter to night drainage or leg bag. Learn More
Bard Touchless Plus Unisex Intermittent Catheter Kit


Bard Touchless Plus Unisex Intermittent Catheter Kit is a closed catheter that is sterile. Contents include a pre-lubricated catheter in Touchless sheath with insertion tip, 1100cc seamless collection chamber with built-in sample/drainage port, gloves, 3 povidone-iodine swabs and underpad. Learn More
Coude Red Rubber Tiemann Catheter


Red rubber coude catheters are Bard intermittent catheters minimize discomfort for individuals with narrow urethras. The teimann catheter comes with a single or double eye design. 010112, 010114, 010116, 010118, 010120, 120614, 120616, 120618. Learn More
Bard Foley Catheter Universal Insertion Tray


Sterile Contents: pre-filled syringe with sterile water, 5 rayon balls, 2 oz specimen container and label, PVP solution, plastic forceps, latex gloves, syrin Learn More

Other Top Selling Bard Products

BARDIA Silicone Elastomer Latex Foley Catheter


Bardia silicone coated elastomer latex foley urethral indwelling catheters are single use, sterile catheters that are rigid for easy insertion. The hydrophobic silicone coating protects the urethra. 123512A, 123514A, 123516A, 123518A, 123520A, 123522A, 123524A, 123526A, 123528A, 123530A, 123612A, 123614A, 123616A, 123618A, 123620A, 123622A, 123624A, 123626A, 123628A, 123630A. Learn More
StatLock Swivel Catheter Stabilization Holder for Foley Catheters


StatLock Swivel Foley Catheter Holders are designed to secure foley catheters in place without a leg strap. These catheter holders have a unique anchor pad design that is easy to secure and prevents slipping. FOL0100, FOL0101, FOL0102 Learn More
Medi Aire Biological Odor Eliminator


Eliminates unpleasant odors and rejuvenates the air with a long-lasting fresh air scent. Learn More
Bard Polyester/Spandex Leg Bag Holder


Economical, washable, reusable. Keeps leg bag from touching the skin, eliminating need for more costly cloth-backed leg bags. Pull-on style. Leg bag straps not required. Learn More
PEG Feeding Tube Cleaning Brush


PEG Feeding Tube Cleaning Brush for 20 French Feeding Tubes. Learn More
Clean Cath Intermittent Catheters


Clean cath intermittent catheters by bard are straight tipped sterile catheters. Bard clean cath catheters are sterile and conveniently packaged for individual use. Bard intermittent catheters are latex free. 421110, 421610, 421612, 421614, 421708, 421712, 421714, 421716, 421718. Learn More
Clean Cath Ultra Touchless Vinyl Catheters


Clean Cath Ultra vinyl touchless catheters are intermittent catheters designed to reduce the risk of infection by remaining sterile during insertion. Bard Clean cath catheters are latex free. 4A4286, 4A4287. Learn More
Bard Tracheal Suction Latex Rubber Catheter


X-ray opaque, rubber suction catheter with thumb valve, whistle tip, and two eyes. Single-use. Learn More
Deluxe Fabric Leg Bag Straps


Deluxe Fabric Leg Bag Straps. 3/4" wide, 8-24" long, latex free. Learn More
Tracheal Suction Cath'N Sleeve Gloveless Kit


Bard Tracheal Suction Cath'N Sleeve Gloveless Kit Learn More
Piston Syringe


70 mL Piston Syringe by Bard is an irrigation syringe with a 70 cc Piston Syringe Barrel and 2 cc graduations for accuracy. Learn More
StatLock PICC Plus


Bard StatLock PICC Plus Stabilization Device Learn More
Bard Tri-Funnel Replacement Gastrostomy Feeding Tube


Bard Gastrostomy Tube Tri-Funnel Replacement Tube Learn More
Protective Barrier Film Wipes


Bard Protective Barrier Film Remover effectively removes barrier films and adhesives in a convenient disposable wipe. Learn More
Bard Silicone Elastomer Coated Latex Catheter


Bard silicone elastomer latex foley catheters are made from a firm latex coated be a silicone elastomer that reduces irritation caused to the urethra. Bard foley catheters have a 5cc balloon. 265712, 265714, 265716, 265718, 265720, 265722, 265724, 265726, 265728. Learn More
Bard Button Gastrostomy Low-Profile Replacement Tube and Accessories


For use with Bard Gastrostomy Button ONLY. Learn More
Bard Closed System Insertion Tray


Bard Closed System Insertion Tray Learn More
Bard Wide Reusable Leg Bag Straps


1(3/4)" wide soft stretchable fabric with Velcro fasteners. Learn More
Catheter Plug with Cap


Catheter Plugs, manufactured by Bard, are sterile plugs designed for use with Indwelling Catheters. Catheter caps are used to close the drainage Learn More
Clean Cath Female Intermittent Catheter


Clean Cath female intermittent catheters by bard are PVC or vinyl catheters designed for female urinary catheterization. Clean cath comes in a female six inch or pediatric ten inch length. 420614, 420712, 420714, 421008, 421010. Learn More
Bard Nasogastric Feeding Tube 8 Fr 42 Inch


Bard Nasogastric Feeding Tube is 8 Fr NG Tube that is 42 Inches Long and features a radiopaque line. Learn More
Bard Ponsky Dual-Port Feeding Adapter


Bard Dual Feed Adpt 16fr Learn More
Special Care Cream by Bard


Quickly and easily absorbed by skin. The nongreasy formula contains vitamins A, D, E and aloe vera gel. Encourages healing. Fragrance-free. Learn More
Silastic Latex Foley Catheter


Silastic latex catheters by Bard are firm, flexible latex foley catheters with a smooth outer silicon coating. Silastic catheters have two eyes that are opposing or staggered and a large luman. 33416, 33418, 33420, 33422, 33424, 33426, 33428, 33614, 33618, 33620, 33622, 33624. Learn More
Bard Lubri-Sil I.C. Infection Control Foley Catheters


Lubri-sil catheters are bard IC, infection control, catheters that are engineered with a unique BACTI-GUARD combination of a perfectly balanced silver alloy and Hydrogel exterior coating. 1758SI12, 1758SI14, 1758SI16, 1758SI18, 1758SI20, 1758SI22, 1758SI24, 1768SI16, 1768SI18. Learn More
Scanpor Tape Refills


Waterproof, hypoallergenic, nonwoven tape. Nonsterile. Learn More
Natural Care Gel by Bard


Enriched with aloe vera and panthenol. Very effective on radiation dermititis, peristomal and nasal cannula irritations. The clear, greaseless gel will not interfere with appl Learn More
Bronchial Suction Latex Rubber Catheter Kit


Rubber bronchial catheter with thumb valve, one eye, coude whistle tip, with pop-up solution container, two vinyl gloves in peel open package. Single-use. Learn More
Bard Tracheal Suction Latex Rubber Catheter Two Glove Kit


Rubber, whistle tip catheter with thumb valve has two side eyes to help minimize trauma. Single-use. Contains rubber catheter, pop-up solution container, two vinyl gloves in p Learn More
Bard Bi-level Urethral Tray


The Bard Urethral tray has the following terile contents: bi-level sequentially packed tray, underpad, drape, PVP solution, 5 rayon balls, plastic forceps, latex gloves, lubri Learn More
Touchless Intermittent Catheter Kit


Sterile contents: red rubber catheter in Touchless sheath, 5 gm lubricant and 3 PVP swabs. Self-contained. Reduces risk of cross-contamination, eliminates urine spills and spl Learn More
Hygiene 1 Incontinent Wash


Bard Hygiene 1 Incontinent Wash is a no-rinse, alcohol-free perineal wash and odor suppressant. Hygiene 1 Incontinent Wash facilitates the removal of urine and feces, while neutralizing harmful effects to the skin. Learn More
Statlock Universal Plus Catheter Stabilization Device


StatLock Universal Plus, manufactured by Bard Medical, is a catheter stabilization device that is universal for nearly any drainage catheter Learn More
Bard Foley Catheter Irrigation Tray


Sterile contents: 500cc solution container, underpad, irrigation syringe, alcohol wipes, tip protection sheath and 1200cc collection tray. Learn More
Bard Util Cath Vinyl Catheter


Util Cath vinyl catheters are straight tipped intermittent catheters. Util Cath Intermittent Catheters that are latex free. These come in either a whistle tip female catheter or funnel end unisex. 015914, 277514. Learn More
Bard Vigilon Primary Moist Burn Wound Dressing

Absorbent, nonadherent hydrogel dressing. Natural anesthetic effect cools and reduces pain. Learn More
NAVARRE Universal 600 ml Gravity Drainage Bag


Bard Navarre Universal 600 ml Gravity Drainage Bag. Comes with 30” tubing, twist type valve, anti-reflux and waist belt. Product is latex-free, sterile. Learn More
Bard Catheter Strap & Tubing Holder

Bard Cath Strap & Leg Bag Tube Holder secures catheters or extension tubes to the leg with adjustable Velcro fasteners. Learn More
Adhesive and Barrier Film Remover Wipes


Bard Adhesive and Protective Barrier Film Remover removes barrier films and stoma adhesives in a convenient disposable wipe. Learn More
Clean Cath Coude Tip Catheters

Clean cath coude tip catheters are intermittent catheters designed to easily thread past the prostatic curve, perfect for individuals with narrow urethras. Bard intermittent catheters are sterile. 423710, 423712, 423714, 423716, 423718. Learn More
Bardia Closed System Foley Insertion Tray with 2000 mL Drainage Bag


Bardia Closed System Drainage Bags, manufactured by Bard, are complete Foley Catheter Trays. These Drainage Bag trays are pre-wrapped, sterile Learn More
C Clamp - Tubing Hose Catheter Clamp


Thumbscrew clamp for occluding tubes, drains and the balloon inflation funnel on Foley catheters. Single-use. Learn More
Bard Safestep Huber Needle Set


Bard SafeStep Huber Needle Set, Y-Injection Site, 20G x 1", 25/cs Learn More
Infection Control Foley Tray with Bag without Catheter


Infection Control Foley Tray with Bag - without Catheter Learn More
Urine Collection Kit Female


Female specimen collection 8fr female catheter kits are closed system, sterile urine collection devices that reduces the risk of false readings by eliminating sample contamination. 0035830. Learn More
Bard Lubricath Oval Shape Fluted Latex Foley Catheter


Round Tip medium catheter with two staggered eyes. Extra-Strong 75Cc preformed ovoid balloon generally used for post-TURP hemostasis. Useful when large gland is restricted. Bard lubricath has two staggered eyes. 0113L20, 0113L24. Learn More
Biolex Wound Cleanser by Bard


Nonirritating aloe vera cleanser that aids in the removal of wound debris and slough. Will not harm healthy tissue. No-rinse formula. Learn More
Bard 3-Way Lubricath Latex Foley Catheter 30cc


The Bard 3-Way Lubricath Latex Foley Catheter is used for post-Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). It has a medium length tip with 2 staggered eyes. The staggered Learn More
Bile Bag with T-Tube Adapter


Bile bags with a t-tube adapter by bard are bile drainage systems that use gravity to drain bile following a gallbladder operation. These bile drainage bags are disposable vinyl bags with latex straps. 0015850, 0015860. Learn More