3M Wound Dressings | Tegaderm Wound Dressings - Tegaderm Transparent Dressings and More!

3M Wound Dressings are medical accessories that you administer to a wound during wound care management. 3M Wound Dressings encourage healing and stave potential infection or harm. Being in direct contact with your wound, 3M Wound Dressings are dissimilar to bandages, which are generally used to secure a dressing.

Because we offer a variety of 3M wound dressings, such as silver dressings, alginate dressings, hydrocolloid dressings, and more, you can rest assured we have the specific wound dressing for your needs.

When you choose and apply the appropriate type of 3M Wound Dressing you will help to prevent and avoid pain, infection, and potential damage. Peruse our category of 3M Wound Dressings today and improve the quality of your wound care management.

3M Wound Dressing Applications

Indications of Use for 3M Silver Dressings and Alginate Dressings:

  • Cavity wounds.
  • Diabetic ulcers.
  • Graft and donor sites.
  • Leg ulcers.
  • Post-operative wounds.
  • Pressure ulcers.
  • Trauma wounds.
  • Superficial and partial thickness burns.

Indications of Use for 3M Hydrocolloid Wound Dressings:

  • Abrasions.
  • Dermal Ulcers.
  • Donor sites.
  • First- and second-degree burns.
  • Leg ulcers.
  • Superficial wounds.