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  1. Cica Care Silicone Gel Sheeting by Smith & Nephew
    Cica Care Silicone Works Great!.
    Cica Care Silicone works great! You just cut to fit. The scar I have is on my wrist so I use tape to secure it. I have been using it
    (Review by RWebster)
  2. Mepilex Border Foam Dressing
    Superior product for healing bed sores.
    The nurses attended my husband who is in bed with Parkinson's used this brand of dressing for his bed sores. After they left, the only place I found it was
    (Review by Anahita)
  3. Carrington Carrasyn Gel Wound Dressing
    Works great. .
    Noticed granulation on the 3 day of using this on a wound that we just could not heal with tunneling. Packed loosely with gauze and carrasyn gel. With a couple
    (Review by jerseygirl)
  4. COPA Hydrophilic Ultra Soft Foam Dressing
    Very nice to have it already cut. Seems to help husband..
    Ordered the 2x2 and the 4x8. I really like having the 2x2 as it is quicker for me to get the dressing applied.
    (Review by CLM)

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