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UPWalker LITE Walking Aid by LifeWalker

TOP Features:
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Adjustable armrest height
  • Lockable brakes
  • Foldable frame for easy transportation
  • Cloth seat and backrest
  • Sit-to-stand handles
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • No assembly required
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Frame Width 24.8 Inches, (55-70 Inch User Height & 300 lb Weight Capacity) - Ships Free!



Frame Width 24.8 Inches, (55-70 Inch User Height & 300 lb Weight Capacity) - Each
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What is the UPWalker LITE Walking Aid?

The UPWalker LITE by LifeWalker is a lightweight version of the original UPWalker. This mobility device allows users to walk in an upright position without bending or slouching into uncomfortable, non-ergonomic positions. This upright, straight-backed positioning is accomplished by means of comfortable, heightened forearms supports. The UPWalker LITE is built to provide easy and seamless navigation while improving patient posture, reducing back and joint pain, and increasing user comfort, stability, and safety. Users who have tested the UPWalker LITE have stated that they felt more confident, active, and independent due to this upright walker's uncompromising support.

In addition to its unique upright mobility functionality, the UPWalker LITE walking aid is designed with several other features that make user lives easier. For example, this walking aid comes with a seat and backrest so that if the user tires, they will always have a comfortable place to sit and rest. Integrated wheels make pushing the walker smooth and effortless. In addition, the walker's handles include breaking capabilities for safe and seamless navigation. Push buttons make height adjustment an uncomplicated and snappy process. The UPWalker LITE's slim, lightweight, and compact design along with its folding ability makes transportation and storage easy. Lastly, a sturdy aluminum alloy frame means this upright walker will last users a lifetime.

The UPWalker LITE also comes with several handy accessories. These accessories include an attachable bag for transporting personal items, a convenient cupholder, and a supportive backrest for when users need to take a break. The upright walker offers several other handy accessories for both models as listed below.

The UPWalker LITE can be used both indoors and outdoors, giving users the freedom to go almost anywhere they desire knowing that they have mobility and posture support. In some cases, this has increased user independence and led to a more active life. When these users get to their destination, they can also now stand tall and look at their loved ones and passersby in the eye with this upright walker. Try UPWalker LITE for the gift of added confidence and dignity to your loved ones.

UPWalker Features  

Why Choose the UPWalker LITE?

The UPWalker LITE walking aid is a compact and lightweight version of the original UPWalker. Weighing in at only 15.5 pounds, the UPWalker LITE is an incredible 34% lighter than the original model. This means this walker is easier to transport and fit into most vehicles. The rear casters are smaller so users find navigating indoors, around tight corners, and in small spaces to be a much smoother and effortless experience. The UPWalker LITE price is also lower than that of the standard model, so this product's affordability is another big draw.

An independent clinical study by the Research Institute of Chicago has shown that the UPWalker LITE allows users to walk more upright and improve user posture. The LifeWalker series' unique upright design and forearm supports were shown in this study to foster more balanced weight distribution, which took the pressure off of users' lower-body joints and wrists. This shows that the UPWalker line of products may be beneficial to users with wrist and back pain. In addition, users consumed less oxygen, which decreased physical exertion and facilitated user endurance. Many participating subjects reported that they feel more stable and safe when using the UPWalker LITE as opposed to standard walkers and rollators.


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Features and Benefits

  • Supports an Upright Posture
  • Compact Design
  • Thirty-Four Percent Lighter Than the Original Model
  • Reduces Slouching
  • Reduces Weight on Limbs and Lower-Body Joints
  • Users Report Increased Safety and Stability
  • May Reduce Back, Lower Joint, Hand, and Wrist Pain
  • May Increase User Comfort
  • Sit-to-Stand Adjustable Handles
  • Multi-Terrain Wheels
  • Frame is Durable and Sturdy
  • Armrest Height Can Be Adjusted
  • Locking Brakes
  • Seat Is Built for Comfort
  • Folding Walker
  • Easy to Transport
  • Easier to Use Indoors
  • Easy to Navigate in Tight Spaces
  • May Increase User Independence
  • UPWalker LITE Price Is Lower Than the Original UPWalker
  • Includes Free Beverage Holder, Personal Bag, and Backrest Accessories
  • No Assembly Necessary

Who Will Find This Upright Walker Useful?

  • Users who want to improve their posture
  • Users with back pain
  • Users with wrist pain
  • Users with lower-body joint pain
  • Users who want to increase their safety
  • Users looking for a lightweight, easy-to-transport walker

Available Accessories and Complementary Items

Official OEM Accessories

  • Large-Capacity Grocery Bag
  • Adjustable Tailight/Flashlight
  • Luxury Item Bag
  • Replacement Personal Item Bag
  • Replacement Beverage Holder
  • Replacement Backrest

Complementary Items

What Comes in the Box?

  • One pre-assembled Walker
  • One Walker seat
  • One backrest
  • One bag for personal items
  • One beverage holder
Product Parts    

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use the UPWalker LITE indoors and outdoors?
    The UPWalker LITE is recommended for primarily indoor use but can also be used outdoors.
  • Can I fit and transport this item in my car?
    This item folds up and will easily fit in the backseat or trunk of most cars. It may not fit in some compact vehicles. We recommend measuring the dimensions of your trunk or backseat and comparing them to the folded dimensions of the UPWalker LITE (29 Inches L x 40 Inches H x 8.5 Inches W)
  • Does the walker include brakes and parking breaks?
    Yes, the UPWalker includes brakes that can be easily utilized by means of the upright walker's handles.
  • Which wheels do the brakes stop? These brakes stop the back wheels.
  • Does this item come with reverse brakes?
    No, the UPWalker line does not include reverse brakes.
  • Can I sit down on the UPWalker LITE?
    Yes, the UPWalker Light includes a seat.
  • What materials is the UPWalker LITE made out of?
    This upright mobility walker is primarily made from a durable aluminum alloy. Other elements include plastic and polyurethane. Wheels are made from PVC.
  • Does the UPWalker LITE include a basket or bag?
    Yes, the UPWalker LITE includes a medium-sized pouch (17 Inches W x 11 Inches H x 4 Inches D) for personal items. Replacement bags and larger bags for groceries and personal items are also available at an additional cost.
  • Are safety reflectors included?
    Yes, the front wheels include safety reflectors.
  • Is walker assembly required?
    No assembly required.


LifeWalker products are built to last. That is why the UPWalker LITE frame comes with a lifetime limited warranty. Other UPWalker components (seat, wheels, brakes, armrests, and handgrips) and accessories come with a warranty of six months. Under the right conditions, warranties cover all labor, parts, and shipping costs needed to replace UPWalker LITE parts and accessories.

The following is not covered by LifeWalker warranty:

  • If the product is repaired or modified without an official LifeWalker Mobility Products written authorization form the warranty immediately becomes void. This form must be received before repair or modification is made.
  • Warranties become void immediately if ownership is transferred to another user.
  • Routine brake adjustments are not covered under LifeWalker warranty.
  • If issues arise from a failure to follow maintenance and general user instructions, misuse or abuse of the product, user negligence, or use of the product in any manner other than its intended purpose, the product's warranty becomes instantly void.

Manuals and Documents


Product Videos


UPWalker LITE - Introduction Video (3:00 minutes)


2 Minute Video (with Clinical Study) (2:00 minutes)


How to Adjust the Brakes (4:21 minutes)



Additional Information

Additional Information

  • Manufacturer
  • Brand
  • Product Numbers
    5050, 5050-J, 5050-W, 5050-JW
  • Application
    Mobility Aid
  • Type
    Lightweight Walker
  • Color
  • ISO-Certified
  • Walker
    Aluminum Aloy
  • Handle/Armrest
    Plastic, Polyurethane
  • Wheel Material
Walker Metrics
  • Weight Capacity
    300 Pounds
  • Item Weight
    15.5 Pounds
  • Length
    29 Inches
  • Width
    24.8 Inches
  • Height Range
    4 Feet, 7 Inches–5 Feet 10 Inches
  • Folded Length
    29 Inches
  • Folded Width
    8.5 Inches
  • Folded Height
    40 Inches
  • Sit-to-Stand Handle Height
    27 Inches
  • Armrest Height Range
    32.5–43.5 Inches
Parts Metrics
  • Seat Height from Ground
    21.5 Inches
  • Seat Width
    18 Inches
  • Seat Depth
    10 Inches
  • Front Wheel Size
    8 Inches
  • Back Wheel Size
    6 Inches
  • Accessory Bag Width
    17 Inches
  • Accessory Bag Height
    11 Inches
  • Accessory Bag Depth
    4 Inches
  • Frame
    Lifetime Limited
  • Other Parts and Accessories
    6 Months

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information

Leaves Warehouse: Generally within 2 business days - More details
Economy Shipping: Guaranteed 7-10 business days

Returns Information
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