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UPWalker Accessories

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UPWA0001 Beverage Holder

Beverage Holder - Each


UPWA0002 Beverage Holder

Backrest - For H200 Standard Model - Each


UPWA0003 Beverage Holder

Personal Item Bag - For H200 Standard Model - Each


UPWA0004 Beverage Holder

Luxury Personal Item Bag - Each


UPWA0005 Beverage Holder

Shopping Bag - Each


UPWA0006 Beverage Holder

Cane/Umbrella Holder - Each


UPWA0007 Beverage Holder

Smart Phone Holder - Each


UPWA0008 Beverage Holder

Flashlight - Each


UPWA000L2 Beverage Holder

Large Backrest - For H200 Standard Model - Each


UPWA000S2 Beverage Holder

Small Backrest - For H200 Standard Model - Each


UPWAL002 Beverage Holder

Backrest - For L100 Lite Model - Each


UPWAL003 Beverage Holder

Personal Items Bag - For L100 Lite Model - Each


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UPWalker H200 and Lite Accessories Overview

UPWalker Accessories are easy to use and convenient. Ideal for people who have limited mobility but still want to be active, the LifeWalker UPWalker and its accessories make for safer and more enjoyable walks. They improve the functionality of the Upright Walker, and they are simple to assemble. Additionally, these Mobility Aid accessories are removable.


Beverage Holder
Attaching to the handgrip arm, the sleek Beverage Holder securely holds onto waters or other beverages with its tight grip. Keep one's hands free while staying hydrated using this cup holder. This drink holder makes it easy to socialize and travel. This holder doesn't come with a cup or beverage container.

Cane/Umbrella Holder
The UPWalker Cane/Umbrella Holder comes in two mountable parts: the lower resting cup and the upper retaining clamp. This durable support helps users to move about without having to worry about holding their cane or umbrella. Canes and umbrellas of various lengths can fit into this holder, so buying a new cane or umbrella will most likely not be necessary.

Smartphone Holder
Having to constantly hold a phone can be tiring, which is why the Smartphone Holder is such a comfortable accessory. Stay organized and productive with the smartphone accessory. This stand also promotes safety and protection because its tight grip will hold onto the phone when users are unable to do so. The smartphone rest attaches to the handgrip arm and uses an extension for the ideal positioning of the phone.


Personal Item Bag
Attaching easily to the front of the UPWalker frame with hook-and-loop straps, the polyester Personal Item Bag adds convenience and storage for everyday use. Carry commonly used items reliably and safely. The reusable, cleanable bag can be folded over the top. There are two options for the Personal Bag: one for the UPWalker Lite and the other for any size of the standard UPWalker. Both are 13 inches wide, 6 inches deep, and 10 inches high.

Luxury Item Bag
Similar to the Personal Item Bag, the Luxury Item Bag can carry personal items firmly and securely. However, the long-lasting Luxury Item Bag has side pockets and a zippered top, creating more areas for storage. Attach it to the front of the walker's frame and carry it to any desired location. The Luxury Item Bag is 13 inches wide, 6 inches deep, and 10 inches high.

Shopping Bag
The widest bag available is the Shopping Bag. This bag can carry groceries, lunches, books, laptops, plants, clothes, smaller bags, and more. The bag also comes with handles, so it can be used as a carrier whenever desired. The shopping bag is 18 inches wide, 11 inches deep, and 12 inches high.


Backrest Support

Patrons can use the mesh Backrest Support to reduce the amount of stress on their back. The backrest can be used to work on one's posture, too, which can help reduce unwanted pressure on the back. According to Charles Wang's article on page one, "having good posture can have wide-ranging benefits on a person's health and well-being." The backrest is detachable and restful. There are four different backrest options: small, standard, large, and lite. Each backrest option fits with the UPWalker of the same size or type.


The Flashlight/Taillight can be used to illuminate a path while walking at night or in a dark place. The light beam can be changed in size and shape by moving the lens. This flashlight can be used as a headlight, flashing safety light, and rear-facing taillight.


Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: LifeWalker Mobility Products
  • Brand: UPWalker
  • Application: UPWalker Enhancements
  • Compatible With: UPWalker H200 and Lite


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Additional Information

Manufacturer LifeWalker
Brand UPWalker

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