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Inogen At Home Oxygen Concentrator 5 Liter

By Inogen
4.2 6
TOP Features:
  • At-home or facility oxygen concentrator
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 5-liter capacity
  • Five flow settings
  • Includes 3-year warranty
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Inogen At Home 5 Liter Lightweight Oxygen Concentrator


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Inogen At Home 5 Liter Lightweight Oxygen Concentrator -
SKU: GS-100


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Inogen At Home Oxygen Concentrator (product ID #GS-100)

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Inogen At Home Oxygen Concentrator is a stationary concentrator that provides up to 5 liters of oxygen per minute (LPM). The At Home concentrator comes with five flow settings ranging from 1 to 5. This home oxygen concentrator is lightweight at only 18 pounds and is much smaller than most other 5 liter concentrators. Its low power consumption will help keep your power bill lower each month. For many, the Inogen At Home Oxygen Concentrator can pay for itself during the life of the machine from power bill savings.

Inogen One also manufactures portable oxygen concentrators like the Inogen G3 and Inogen G4

At Home Concentrator Components

  • 5 Liter Oxygen Concentrator
  • AC Power Cord
  • User Manual
  • 3-year Warranty Card

At Home Oxygen Concentrator Features & Benefits

Inogen At Home Concentrator

Inogen GS-100 Features

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight and easy to move from room to room.
  • 5 LPM oxygen output meets most patient requirement.
  • Quite operation.
  • Low power consumption to save on your power bills.
  • Suitable for 24/7 continuous use.
  • Intended product life of 5 years.
Product Comparison

Oxygen Concentrator (Inogen GS-100) Specifications

Power Consumption Chart

5 Liter Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator Specifications

  • Product Number: GS-100.
  • Width: 13 inches.
  • Height: 16.5 inches.
  • Depth: 7 inches.
  • Weight: 18 pounds.
  • Oxygen Concentration Level: 87 to 96%.
  • Noise: 40 dBA at setting 2.
  • Air Flow: 5 Continuous Flow settings from 1-5 liters per minute.
  • Application: Home Oxygen Concentrator.
  • Average Power Consumption: 110 watts at setting 2. (80 to 250 watts depending upon setting)
  • AC Power Requirements: 100-240 V, 275 W, 50-60 Hz (auto sensing for worldwide use).
  • Manufacturer: Inogen One.
  • Brand: At Home.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Warranty: 3 years for concentrator and 1 year for sieve beds.

Oxygen Concentrator Additional Resources

Certified Oxygen Concentrator Specialist Seal

Inogen At Home Oxygen Concentrator Controls



Certified Oxygen Concentrator Specialist - Questions about the Inogen One GS-100 At Home Oxygen Concentrator or any of the other oxygen concentrators can be answered by telephone with one of our Certified Oxygen Concentrator Specialist. These trained specialists are evaluated every six months to ensure they are on top of the latest technology and the newest oxygen therapy delivery devices. These certified specialist can help you with questions about pulse flow oxygen, continuous flow oxygen, oxygen concentration levels, high altitude operation, oxygen therapy while traveling, as well as questions about specific concentrator specifications. Call toll free to 800-397-5899 to reach one of our Certified Oxygen Concentrator Specialist.

Easy Warranty Processing - Should your oxygen concentrator require repair while it is under warranty, just give us a call on our toll free line to set up your warranty repair at 800-397-5899. Warranty processing is only for concentrators purchased from Vitality Medical.

Oxygen Concentrator Rankings and Comparison Charts - If you would like to see a list of the top ranking oxygen concentrator choices along with detailed review, concentrator rankings and side-by-side comparisons, visit the link to an oxygen comparison study below for detailed information.


Product Informational Videos


Inogen At Home Stationary Oxygen Concentrator Review Video (2:04 minutes)

Video Transcriptions

I could never move that old unit by myself because it is extremely heavy. It weighs a ton. No, my husband always had to move it for me. I didn't put it in my bedroom because it was too noisy to sleep by. It is always a reminder when you have to trip over that machine, you see it, you hear it all the time. It is an unpleasant reminder of your disability. With the Inogen At Home, I thought, "Oh my God, it is so lightweight." I lifted it out of the box myself and sat it down, looked at it, it is very compact. I have moved the Inogen At Home several times and I just pick it up and move it. It is not a problem. When I first turned the Inogen At Home on and we didn't hear it. It was such a relief. And to be able to turn the other one off and then just have that peaceful, quiet. It is very easy to operate. I plugged it in and it is self-explanatory. I just pushed the "On" button, there it came on. I adjusted the flow, there it was on. It was beautiful. It was set to the right flow, so easy. I prefer rather than the flow meter that the other one has. I prefer the little digital read out where you just push the button and it goes to that. Because there is no, you don't have to eyeball it. You know, it tells you right there what you've got. For me, freedom is a big deal. I was born on the 4th of July, freedom has been the benchmark of my life so to be tethered to an oxygen machine is not my favorite thing, but with the Inogen At Home, it makes it so much easier. You just hardly notice it is there. It is really unobtrusive and pleasant.


Inogen At Home Setup Instructions Video (3:50 minutes)




Humidifier Operation for the At Home Concentrator Video (1:20 minutes)




At Home Concentrator with CPAP or BiPAP Video (1:23 minutes)



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