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Pelvis Models

A Pelvis Model is an accurate representation of a targeted region of the human anatomy for exploratory instruction of the pelvis. Replicas range from a standard pelvic skeleton to a complex anatomical pelvis model to expand knowledge on the internal structures.

In-depth pelvic models are often median sections for an insider's view of muscles, organs, and reproductive systems. Removeable sections provide students with detailed structures for studying the pelvic floor with anatomical models for each sex. The Female Pelvis Model is an example that uses detachable parts for students to get hands-on study of bones, ligaments, vessels, nerves, muscles, and genitals. Other female pelvis models further explore the pelvis in stages of pregnancy with a removable fetus.

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Pelvic Model Top Features

  • Produced With 3B Scientific's High-Quality Standards
  • Accurate Representation of Human Anatomy
  • Made Out of Durable Material
  • Shows Exit Points of Artery and Spinal Nerves
  • Removable Parts
  • Perfect for the Classroom or Doctor's Office
  • Access to Online Tutorials With 3B Smart Anatomy


3B Smart Anatomy Video Demonstration


Model Options for Human Pelvis

Pelvis Skeleton Models


Pelvis Anatomy Median Section Models


  • Female Anatomy Pelvis Model , H10, is a half median section of the female pelvis to cover the reproductive system. The H12 is a cross-section of the male anatomy.
  • Male Pelvis Model , H11, references the male pelvis in a two-part structure to view structures within the pelvic area.
  • Female Anatomy Pelvis

Childbirth Pelvis Models


  • Pregnancy Pelvis, L20, represents a female pelvis at 40 weeks of pregnancy with a removable fetus for education about the stages of pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy Pelvis, L30, is a female pelvis with a mounted fetal skull to simulate the childbirth process.
  • Female Childbirth Pelvic Model

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