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  1. Urinary Bedside Drainage Bags 2000 mL
    Bedside Drainage Bag 2000CC Review.
    It's my best friend for good night sleep. The capacity is 2000CC so there's no worry about leakage or overflow. I also think that the price for this great product
    (Review by Gil)
  2. Bard Bedside Drainage Bag
    long lasting, xcellent quality.
    I buy this because it is infection control model. Would prefer two hooks for ease of hanging on walker, however. Would give 5 stars if had two hooks.
    (Review by spousecaregiver)
  3. Bard Bedside Drainage Bag
    Good to keep it next to your bed.
    Big enough to be relaxed during night. Durable yet light-weighted at the same time. Also good sealing that prevents you from smelling odor. I have become more comfortable with this
    (Review by Agatha)
  4. Freedom T Tap Leg Bag by Mentor
    T Tap Leg Bag Reveiw.
    It is really nice. I have been using this kind of leg bag for years and it was the softest one. It means that your skin won't get irritated. Comfortable
    (Review by Hotch)

Urine Bag | Urine Collection Bag - Drainage Bag & More!

Urine Bags

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    Urine Bags are used for the collection and temporary storage of urine. Urine Bags take the form of Leg Bags, which are strapped to the upper leg, or Drainage Bags, which are usually used while the patient is in bed or in a wheelchair. Many Urinal Bags are drainable allowing the urinary patient to continue using the bag for a period of time. When the urine bag is no longer useable or unhygienic, the urinary bag is disposed. Some Urine Drainage Bags are actually urine collection bottles that may be reusable depending upon the brand. Vitality Medical carries a large selection of both Urine Leg Bags and Urine Drainage Bags.

    Urine Bag Patient Applications

    • Urinary Waste Containment
    • Portability and Mobility with Urinary Leg Bags
    • Overnight Urinary Protection with Drainage Bags

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