Reclining Wheelchairs

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Reclining Wheelchairs & More!

Reclining Wheelchairs


A reclining wheelchair, commonly known as a recliner wheelchair, is a mobility device that is designed to retract its back support, which alters the "seat-to-back angle." In addition to reclining the seat, individuals can also adjust the angle of their lower extremities by method of using the leg rests.

A reclining wheelchair is specifically designed to redistribute pressure on the body. In addition to redistributing weight and pressure, a wheelchair recliner can improve blood flow, aid with resting and sleeping, enhance respiration, and more.

Recline wheelchairs are potentially advantageous for individuals with ailments such as cerebral palsy, head injuries, and spinal cord injuries. However, to determine if a recline wheelchair will benefit your specific medical needs, please confer with your medical provider, as not all features of a reclining wheelchair are recommended for everyone. To learn more about a recliner wheelchair and determine if it will enhance your mobility, check out the device descriptions below today!

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