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  1. Ring Pessary
    Exactly right product for my needs..
    I saved money by ordering a replacement ring online vs. through my clinic!
    (Review by jl)
  2. Donut Pessary
    works great for the prolapse.
    I had a ring which was not comfortable. Changed to the donut and it works great. My problem was that the prolapse was pressing on the urethra and standing for
    (Review by Nancy)
  3. Ring Pessary
    Ring Pessary.
    My doctor had ordered a #4 pessary for me, which worked just fine, but when I moved cities and was no longer able to see her, she refused to order
    (Review by Jo Anne)
  4. Cube Pessary
    The pessary is made of a high quality silicone that makes the pessary firm yet soft and flexible.i would recommend the purchase of this product from vitality medical.
    (Review by kitty)

Vaginal Pessaries | Pessary Ring - Pessary Donut - Pessary Cube - Uterine Pessary & More!


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    Pessaries are medical devices similar to a firm ring or diaphragm and are commonly used for treating Prolapse. A Pessary is also used to treat retroverted uterus, cystocele, and stress urinary incontinence. Vaginal Pessaries are used to support the vagina. Uterine Pessaries are used to support the Uterus while a Pelvic Pessary is used to support the pelvis. There are many Pessary types to include a Donut Pessary, Ring Pessary, Hodge Pessary or Cube Pessary. To help physicians determine the correct pessary size for the patient, a Pessary Fitting Kit is available with escalating sizes of pessaries. Pessaries are manufactured by Integra Miltex, Rusch, Mentor, Coloplast and EvaCare, a division of SRS Medical.

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    Pessary Selection Chart

    Pessary Selection Chart

    Pessary Types

    Pessary Types

    Pessary Medical Codes

    • HCPCS Code: A4562
    • Office Visit Code: 99214
    • CPT Procedure Code for Fitting and Insertion: 57160