Gauze Rolls - Sterile Gauze Roll, Cotton Rolls, Fluff Roll, Kerlix Roll, Bandage Roll

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  1. Invacare IQA Soft Conform Roll
    In Backorder .
    Have not received this product since it is in backorder but was notified by the company of it's status.
    (Review by M. B. )
  2. Kerlix Gauze Bandage Rolls
    KERLIX Gauze Roll – A Review.
    This gauze works pretty good to protect wound areas. It is ease to apply on the wounds promotes healing. It also protects me from infections and absorbs any leakage. It
    (Review by Betty)
  3. Invacare IQA Soft Conform Roll
    Soft and Pliable.
    Didn't give five stars because although the fabric is very soft and conforms as advertised, the layers are not at all thick and seem to ravel pretty easily. I expected
    (Review by Cindy C)
  4. Kerlix Gauze Bandage Rolls
    Horrible Packing.
    The product is fine, however, when I received the shipment it appeared someone just tossed the kerlix rolls into the box, 3-4 of the rolls were 1/4 unrolled. When I
    (Review by Smoh)

Gauze Rolls - Sterile Gauze Roll, Cotton Rolls, Fluff Roll, Kerlix Roll, Bandage Roll & More!

Gauze Rolls

  1. AMD Ritmed (1)
  2. Beiersdorf (1)
  3. CURITY (1)
  1. Covidien (4)
  2. Dynarex (1)
  3. Invacare (3)
  1. Jobst (1)
  2. KERLIX (2)
  3. Kendall (3)
  1. Lohmann & Rauscher (1)
  2. MedLine (3)

Gauze Rolls (fluff roll, sterile gauze roll, cotton rolls) from Kendall, AMD Ritmed and Invacare. This selection also includes Kerlix, Curity and Iqa gauze rolls. Save on gauze rolls, order online today. Gauze Rolls are useful when you need a custom-size piece of gauze. The gauze rolls are made by our top manufacturers including Kendall, AMD Ritmed and Invacare who manufacture brands like Kerlix, Curity and IQA gauze rolls. We carry cotton rolls, sterile gauze rolls, fluff rolls, krimped gauze rolls and soft conform rolls. Many of our gauze rolls are made of 100% cotton and are designed to protect the wound.

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