Attends Premier Underpads Review

Date: February 10, 2019
By Burt Cancaster


Attends Premier Underpads are part of a three-tier line up from Attends Healthcare that includes briefs and protective underwear. Like the other Premier products, the underpads offer overnight protection for urinary health. This group of products provides full day or full night incontinence protection. The underpads may serve in conjunction with the briefs or underwear to offer double protection to bed mattresses and furniture to manage heavy to severe urinary or fecal incontinence. They offer superior bladder leak protection for both men and women. Below are links for more information about each product and where you can buy Attends Premier products.


What is different about Attends Premier incontinence products?

Attends Premier Underpads are strong and durable, so strong they can be used to reposition patients weighing up to 350 pounds on a hospital bed mattress. The absorbency capacity of these pads holds over 1 liter of fluid. Moisture wicks away from the user and is contained in the core, allowing you to be dry and comfortable throughout the day or night. Additional items that set this product apart from its competitors are below.

Advantages of the Attends Premier Underpad

  • Ultra-soft construction
  • High absorption
  • Disposable
  • Traps heavy urinary incontinence
  • Captures fecal incontinence
  • Fast wicking action pulls moisture away from your skin in less than one minute
  • Incontinence protection for adults and seniors
  • Trademarked construction and design
    • Dry-Lock® Containment Core furnishes all day or all night protection
    • SmartCool Breathability™ enables air to circulate to keep your skin dry and comfortable

Product Features

Product Features - Air Permeable, Dry-Lock, Patient Repositioning

Premier Underpad Size

30 x 36 Inch

Attends Premier Incontinence Products FREE Samples

Attends Healthcare Products manufactures the Attends Premier products. This manufacturer fully backs its products.

First, they offer FREE Samples of the Attends Premier Underpads upon request from their toll-free number at 1-833-269-4347.

Second, Attends offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their entire Attends Premier product line!

Product Videos

Attends Premier Incontinence Products Video (0:25 minutes)

Attends Premier Underpads Review Video (1:46 minutes)

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